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Consider how love is presented in “La Belle Dans Merci” and “Isabella”

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Consider how love is presented in "La Belle Dans Merci" and "Isabella" Both of these poems have aspects of different sorts of love. In "La Belle Dans Merci" Keats uses the notion of courtly love. This is worshipping from afar. In "Isabella" Keats uses unrequited love. This is often bad for the person's health as they are always obsessed with each other, but are too afraid to share their feelings. In both poems Keats has a jaded view of love and there are many obsession of love in both poems. "La Belle" uses the notion of courtly love, which is described as love from a distance. This is considered noble and valiant, a frequent giving of gifts. In "Isabella" Keats used the notion of unrequited love. Sometimes one or both of the admirer's love is not satisfied, or returned by the object of desire. Both of these notions of love show obsessive qualities. In "La Belle" Keats uses images and different sorts of courtly love. Keats gives the image of the knight as if he was desperately looking for love. Keats uses very descriptive words such as "Alone and palely loitering" which give a cold image of the knight. ...read more.


I get the impression that the lady users her control and beautifulness to attract these men and then users them as slaves. This tells me that this woman has no mercy or pity, and just wants to take lives away from men. I think that Keats has experienced a relationship like this in real life. He has found a woman he fought he loved, but then she 'stabbed him in the heart' and left him. These two poems are both about obsession. In both poems at least one character is obsessed with the other. In "Isabella" both Lorenzo and Isabella are obsessed with each other. Also in "La Belle" the knight is obsessed with the faerys child. In "Isabella" Keats uses imagery and the notion of unrequited love. This image is clearly of two people living under one roof and is intensely aware of each other. These two people could not be without each other - even tough neither knows each other's feelings. Their feelings are mutual as they both love each other, but both are frightened of each other. " He might not in house, field, or garden stir, but her full shape would all his seeing fill" this shows that he always has an image of her in his eye. ...read more.


In "Isabella" there is a positive sort of love, s they end up telling each other about there love, and they both wish they had done it much earlier so they would not of had to go through all of the pain. In these two poems the men assume the role as the dominant, strong partner, who, when sees a beautiful woman, just falls for her and goes into a personal dreamland with the object of affection. The woman takes the role as the affectionate one and just leads the men on. This is exceptional especially shown in "La Belle" Keats offers warnings and advice in these two poems. In "La Belle" he offers a warning to men who think that love at first sight is always perfect, but sometimes it is not and the woman might be trying to lead the man elsewhere. In contrast to "Isabella" where he offers advice. This advice is to tell the person your feelings and do not keep them to yourself, get them out in the open as soon as possible. Keats has made valid points about love in these two poems. These are to follow your heart sometimes, but at other times, use your brain and do not go over board with your love. David Keightley 25150 2281 ...read more.

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