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Consider the characters and their roles ' Romeo and Juliet' who do you find responsible for the tragedy at the end of the play?

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Consider the characters and their roles ' Romeo and Juliet' who do you find responsible for the tragedy at the end of the play? 'Romeo and Juliet' is one of the most famous plays written by William Shakespeare, it is set in Verona, Italy. At the time it was common for parents to arrange their daughter's marriage it was very unusual for the daughter to argue or refuse the marriage. In the play a young couple unfortunately fell passionately in love with each other, the end result was tragic as it resulted in the death of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. They belonged to families who were bitter enemies. Who is responsible for their deaths? It is very easy to come to a conclusion and blame the parents, but every character needs to be considered before making a decision. Benvolio is a great friend to Romeo. Throughout the play Shakespeare gives him the role as a peacemaker, who is always honest and reliable, but there is a hint of weakness, early in the play because he persuades Romeo to gatecrash the Capulet Ball, even though he has the best interests of Romeo at heart, it is were he meets Juliet which is fate working against them. The role of peacemaker is reflected in the type of language Benvolio uses, not fiery like Tybalt or as eloquent as the Friar, but he is well spoken and uses his language to great effect because he tries to look for the positives in every situation and is very diplomatic. He is persuasive and clearly indicates to Mercutio that trouble will soon appear 'I pray thee, good Mercutio, let's retire; The day is hot, the Capels are abroad.' This shows that he knows Mercutio very well and has his best interests at heart he is also very sensible. So could Benvolio take some responsibility for the deaths? ...read more.


At the end they change their attitude towards the Capulets as they realise that such a tragedy was caused by the childish feud and actions that they have continued to carry out for years. They decide to end the feud, but at what cost? They also praise Juliet. 'But can give thee more; For I will raise her statue in pure gold.' The Montagues deserve to be blamed, because they have been involved in a feud with the Capulets for years, which has had a dire effect, the death of their only son Romeo' they were slightly involved in pushing Romeo and Juliet further away and forcing them into making decisions they made, because of the background and the loathing between the two families. Lord and Lady Capulet, are more involved than the Montagues, as they try to arrange for Juliet to get married. The language Lord Capulet uses is strong, he is very determined and is proud of himself and his reputation, but Lady Capulet, seems more sensible and aware than Lord Capulet, even though she is not fond of the Montagues she doesn't try to fight or cause trouble, she uses persuasive language to stop her husband to join in the fight at the start of the play, even though she does plead for Romeo to be killed. At the end you notice a difference in their language, unlike before where it was full of hatred and determination, it was suddenly filled with guilt and praise: At the beginning of the play, Lord Capulet is seen as willing to fight with the Montagues, he is very determined and keen which his language clearly denotes: 'My sword, I say! Old Montague is come, And flourishes his blade in spite of me.' When he hears of Paris' proposal to marry Juliet he appears to be a loving and caring father, by clearly making her age known, and asks Paris to wait for a few more years: ' My child is yet a stranger in ...read more.


It is only her strength of character being strong that helps her quieten the fears and drink the potion. When she wakes up in the tomb, and spots Romeo's body she ignores Friar Lawrence. Her determination shines through, instantly she decides to kill herself and then she kisses Romeo: 'I will kiss thy lips. Haply some poison yet doth hang on them To make me die with a restorative.' When there isn't enough poison she decides to kill herself with Romeo's dagger: ' O happy dagger, This is thy sheath; there rest, and let me die.' The type of language Juliet uses is full of determination, which reflects her personality; even at such a young age she is manipulative and independent and can take control of situations. So can Romeo and Juliet take responsibility for their own deaths? They can take some responsibility because they got married and carried on seeing each other, even though they knew the risks and dangers of doing it were high, they let their hearts lead them to their true love. What can be wrong with that? I believe that the parents should be held responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet as they had been involved and allowed this childish feud to strive and live on. Their contribution to their children's well being was the worst thing they could have done; the Capulets deserve more blame than the Montagues. They drove Juliet away into Romeo's arms, as they forced her into marrying Paris, instead of giving her a choice, they said she has no other options. Lord Capulet is a very violent man and hits his daughter which, whereas Lady Capulet isn't violent, but doesn't know her daughter very well and isn't perceptive of her feelings. The Montagues, carry on the feud to and don't look as if they care about Romeo's welfare. The parents don't fill their roles efficiently and could have shown more love towards Juliet than they did. What do you think? Who do you perceive to be responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Toni Lowery Romeo and Juliet Assignment. 1 ...read more.

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