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Consider the contribution made to plot, to theme & to development of character by Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth

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Consider the contribution made to plot, to theme & to development of character by Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth In chapter 35 in the novel Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth receives a letter from Mr Darcy, which is of great importance in the novel in terms of plot theme and character development, which so far we know little about. Darcy writes this letter to Elizabeth in order to justify his actions, and explain to her that he has acted for the best. Firstly the contribution to plot from this letter is great indeed, as it explains the events that have only been briefly mentioned before, giving the reader a clearer picture of them. The main one in this case is the situation between Mr Darcy and Mr Wickham. Earlier in the novel we had only heard from Mr Wickham about this, when he told Elizabeth of the ill treatment he has received from Darcy, resulting in depriving him of a clerical living that had been promised to him, from the late Mr. ...read more.


As when he insults Elizabeth about her family, he praises her for avoiding being like them. Also the ways in which he puts "Pardon me.-It pains me to offend you." Now and again, showing that Darcy takes no comfort in wiring such things. Trust Darcy has for Elizabeth also shows in the letter, as he reveals some very private information concerning his sister, and "I feel no doubt of your secrecy", shows that he does in fact trust her to keep the information to herself. In the letter the theme of marriage and aspects of society somewhat join together, as Mr Darcy states the grievance of such a marriage between Jane and Mr Bingley due to the families connection, especially on the mothers side. "To preserve my friend from what I esteemed a most unhappy connection." This shows how connections in society could affect a marriage, no matter what the person was like. Here also lies the theme of pride and prejudice, as Mr. Darcy is being prejudice against Elizabeth and Jane's social inferiority, and Darcy's pride in his family, social class and connections leads him to his prejudice. ...read more.


We learn that Darcy is a man who deals with things quietly, and secretively, "Regard for my sisters credit and feelings prevented any public exposure." There is also evidence of this further on in the novel when he saves the Bennet family, and persuades Wickham to marry Lydia. Darcy's letter is an essential point in the novel, the fact that he feels the need to explain and justify his actions shows the admiration, which he has for Elizabeth, and shows her criticism of him has hurt his pride, the letter shows complete honesty. We as a reader learn very much so in terms of plot, and much more about Mr Darcy's character, which so far has been quite misjudged. A main aspect of the letter is the revealing of Wickham's true character a man of "idleness and dissipation", which we find to be very true later on in the novel, when he elopes with Lydia, with no intension of marrying her. The letter is a realization point for Elizabeth, as it makes her realize how prejudice she has been herself, and causes her to reevaluate all of her opinions. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nicola Tramontini 10D Mrs. Bull ...read more.

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