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Consider the different ways, including use of language, that each writer uses to get inside a character.

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English Language and Literature AS Level Coursework Dhruti Patel Option One Question One- Consider the different ways, including use of language, that each writer uses to get inside a character. In this essay I will be considering the different ways that D.H. Lawrence, Raymond Carver and Edgar Allan Poe have used to get inside a character's thoughts and feelings. I will be referring in detail to 'Tickets, Please' by D.H. Lawrence, 'A Serious Talk' by Raymond Carver, and 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allan Poe. I will be exploring how these writers use language and other techniques to create the internal world of each character. I have chosen these stories as they are all different and I will evaluate the effectiveness of the use of language used by each writer. I will first of all explore the way each writer introduces his main character. In 'A Serious Talk' the writer introduces the character of Burt and immediately takes us into his feelings from the first sentence: "Vera's car was there, no others, and Burt gave thanks for that." Although the story is told in the third person, the reader is given information about Burt's inner thoughts and feelings, which lets us know that the story will be told from his point of view. ...read more.


The style of the writing in this story imitates the nervous, disjointed speech patterns of the mad man's voice. The use of the first person present tense is a very powerful technique for getting into the mind of a character. The reader is immediately taken into the mad man's inner thoughts and feelings. However, it is also very limiting to the writer, as unlike Laurence, for example, he cannot describe anything from another character's point of view. I will now look at the development of the characters as each story progresses. Poe develops his character by describing the mad man's feelings continuously. He uses emotive words and imagery: "His room was as black as pitch with the thick darkness". This almost gives a sense of the darkness being something the reader can physically feel. He describes emotion in a dramatic way: "it was the groan of mortal terror." The way that Poe describes the mad man creates a strong image in the reader's mind. The language he uses is practical and shows no emotion when he talks about "the wise precautions I took for the concealment of the body." He talks about dismembering the corpse as though he is a butcher cutting up meat. ...read more.


louder! louder! louder !" This rhythmic rapid use of language conveys a sense of the mad man's panic and also imitates the sound of a heartbeat or ticking watch. In this way, he takes us inside the mind of the character by reproducing the disjointed pattern of his thoughts. In conclusion all three stories are highly effective in their use of language and techniques at creating the inside of a character's mind. Lawrence is the only writer of the stories I have considered to make use of the omniscient narrator technique. He takes us into different characters minds and allows us to contrast them from both inner and outer perspectives. He has created a story full of detail, description and emotion. Carver has also used the third person but presents his characters thoughts and feelings through describing everything from his point of view, allowing the reader to see the distortions in Burt's way of thinking. He skilfully creates a sense of emotion in an indirect way, through physical description, which presents Burt's perspective. Finally, Poe has used a dramatic first person monologue, which suits the extreme character of the mad man and creates an intense sinister atmosphere, which Poe is famous for. His story has a strong sense of tension and horror. Overall these three stories are very different, and show the variety and creativity in the short story form. ...read more.

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