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Consider the importance of Curley's Wife - Is she to be pitied or is she just a tart?

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Consider the importance of Curley's Wife. Is she to be pitied or is she just a tart? Curley's wife if also newly arrived at the ranch. She's only been married to Curley for a few weeks and we know that she married out of haste to punish her mother. She already feels unhappy and isolated in her new position as "Curleys' Wife". The reader is left with a complicated picture of a sad and silly young woman. Curley's Wife has a great impact on the storyline and the characters. She is essential to the story's plot and themes. She is important to the story because she is the direct cause of Lennie's death. She is in the barn talking to Lennie and shows herself as trusting and tells Lennie about her dream to "be in the movie's". However, she misunderstands Lennie, and misjudges his strength, she tells him to "feel right here," and he places his hand on her head, and inevitably causes her own death. Her lack of intelligence is the cause of this. She isn't bright, and just wants male attention to confirm her good looks. ...read more.


Like many of the characters, she also has a dream, but tragically it gets taken away from her. She has a dream of being in the movies, and has convinced herself that she has the potential, even though the only chance she had was when she met a man in a bar who told her she was pretty enough to be in the movies. Of course she was flattered by this and probably ended up sleeping with him. She seems to believe that the man sent her a letter, and that her mother ripped it up, so she left home and, out of spite, married Curley. Even thought she never received the letter, she still clings on to the tiny bit of hope that one day she will be in the movies. Unfortunately, she dies before she has the chance to fulfill her dream, just as Lennie does. This represents and shows the reader how lives never go to plan. Their dreams are wishes for untarnished happiness and the freedom to fulfill their dreams is non-existant. As well as being important in the story, she also has some distinct unimportance. ...read more.


Although the main impression of Curleys Wife is that of a tart, there are many qualities that make you feel pity for her. She isn't bright, and has an isolated life in her house, trying to hide from Curley. She says, "I don' like Curley," and clearly regrets marrying him. When describing her dream, she uses "I coulda," and not "I will." The girl has no hope and believes her life will be living on the ranch, doing nothing but hiding from Curley. She is also very na�ve, in the last Chapter, when Lennie kills her, she is led in the hay and is described as "pretty", "sweet", and "young". All of these characteristics are those of an innocent girl, the young woman Curleys Wife really was. Curley only wants revenge for her death, Slim is the only person who checks her pulse, and even tells Curley to stay behind, but revenge is all Curley wants. Even Candy curses over her dead body, he says, "you god-damn tramp" and claims that she ruined his dream of owning the ranch with George and Lennie. Candy blames Curleys Wife, who was really just a lonely girl, and needed someone to talk too. ...read more.

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