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Consider the relationship between men and women in the short stories we looked at. How are these relationships influenced by the social and historical situations of the time?

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Wide Reading Coursework Consider the relationship between men and women in the short stories we looked at. How are these relationships influenced by the social and historical situations of the time? I believe that both of these stories strongly reflect the times they were written. Lawrence was born in Nottinghamshire. His story "Tickets Please" is set in his home region of Nottinghamshire, during the war, but he speaks of it mainly in a negatively way. Thomas Hardy was born in 1840 and like Lawrence in a rural area. However, when Hardy is writing "Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver, " he writes before the Industrial Revolution, and about the unspoilt countryside. Both men were unique writers for the time, because of their individual and original styles. Within these two stories there are similar settings and themes, relationships between men and women being a main one. Despite the similarities in the storylines, these stories have totally different outcomes. ...read more.


Appearance also reflects the time, because it shows traditions. In both stories the women are expected to wear "bonnets " when outdoors. In " Tickets Please," Annie, was worried, "her hat was on one side," this shows how important traditional appearance was to people at this time. It hadn't changed from when Hardy was writing. In both stories there is a male central character, in both stories they are ladies men, though in return for their likings he loved "em in shoals." This entails that he was a good- looking man and he took advantage of that by having many girlfriends. John Thomas in " Tickets Please" " flirts with the girl conductors and also has a reputation for playing the field. The similarities in the male character's lifestyles, indicates to me that even though women and the world around them had changed. Between the two stories the males have been coherent throughout. ...read more.


This dose not say much for the women of the time; it portrays them as really desperate to find a man.. The final comparison that can be made is the endings. All women finding out about the man womanising, them however, the stories go in completely different directions because of their time settings. The sub- text of Hardy's story suggests that all three women still want Tony Kytes, " for she would not have refused Tony id he has asked her quietly, " despite what he has done to them". In summary I believe it is plain to see that both short stories strongly reflect the time they were written. Hardy, with his perfect countryside and happy ending, along with less independent women. This play was obviously written purely for entertainment. " Tickets Please " on the other hand is much more serious. It starts off as fun but becomes deadly serious due to violence. This violence could possibly relate to the war, which is a backdrop to the story. ...read more.

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