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Consider the ways in which the short stories studied deal with relationships between loved ones.

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Consider the ways in which the short stories studied deal with relationships between loved ones. Consider: Marriage and fidelity Communication The social context/background In this essay I am going to be writing about four stories, two are from the Anthology and the other two are from a Short Story book. The stories that I am going to consider in this essay are 'Your shoes' by Michele Roberts, 'Flight' by Doris Lessing, 'News of engagement' by Aronld Bennett and 'Tony Kytes the arch deceiver, by Thomas Hardy. In my essay I am also going to be discussing about Marriage and Fidelity, Communication and the Social Context/background. The first two stories from the Anthology were written in post 1900s and the other two from Short Story were written in 1890s The story 'Your Shoes' is about a girl who has ran away from home and her mother tells her feel about her daughter running away from home. The girl ran away from home because her mother finds out that her daughter drinks alcohol at parties and smokes pot. Her father had ago at her. ...read more.


The grandfather doesn't agree with her granddaughter to get married to Steve her boyfriend but at the end of the story the grandfather agrees to let her marry to Steve he realises the pigeons that rearrested the story and the granddaughter. This shows it was any old story because my mum got married at age of eighteen. But in these days the people get married over 20 years old I think that marriage should be done at age of 20 or 21. In a marriage in the 1890's women has to listen to her husband whatever the husband tells her to do the wife has to do it. The men had the most power. They men can rule over their wife. The women were not allowed to go to school. They were meant to stay home and look after the children. The women were not allowed to be seen with other men and the man were not allowed to be seen with other woman, when both are married or engaged. In 1890's when you are married you cannot get a divorce. If you get divorced your own family will disown you because it bought shame on your family. ...read more.


When he got engaged he didn't tell mum he didn't call on phone or wrote a letter to inform her that he is engaged but he went to the place where his mum lives and told her personally. Phillip Durance has lot of positive reaction to the engage of his mother and Mr Nixon because Phillip Durance always thought that his mother will never have a life partner again in her life because she has been a widow for twenty-five year but now he see his mother really happy because she has found a life partner. He doesn't tell her mother about the lady he is love into he is so happy he thinks the happy days for his mother has returned again for her life. He was also very happy and shocked when he heard his mother got enraged and he was more happy because he because he hasn't seen his mother happy for a long time. He doesn't like hunting his mother feeling. This story is about a boy called tony and he likes women so much that he is dating three at the same time. Tony thinks he is a ladies men. He is already engaged to a woman called milly Richards. ...read more.

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