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continuation of z for zachariah

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Z for Zachariah- Diary Entry (marks: 5/5 Term 1, week 7, year 9, school assessment) August 18th I am writing in the afternoon, having eaten my breakfast and lunch. I haven't written in my diary for 10 days, which is why after several days of being too tired and busy, I now have time to write down all that has happened. For the first two days, I began my journey searching for a trace of green, searching for a place where there are other people, people who will welcome me. I walked past several creeks that came from outer intersection paths that I would follow. Tall trees began to appear beside me, then the shadow of the forest. ...read more.


Mr. Loomis was wrong. There are others alive and I have found them. It has been a long and tedious journey, but now, even with so little of my own world existing, I am hopeful and happy. And I feel like this is the beginning of a new and exciting adventure. There is a steep place where the road ascends to be leveled with the top of the hill, a path that stretches 10 meters before it slopes down to reach hopeful valley. When you come to the end, you will find almost everything that Burden Valley has: the river, the house, the shed, the vegetable patch, the pasture and another valley that has escaped from radiation. ...read more.


It was difficult to bring myself to mention that his father had died. The hope in his eyes had suddenly vanished, he went as pale as the color of white chalk, and he seemed extremely distressed about his father's death. I guess now that I have found a true friend-Billy. It was an arranged friendship, like most from childhood. A match made by geography, destiny and limited chance. We spent long mornings burying our heads working on the field, and long afternoons indulging ourselves in the cool, densely-packed forests to the east and west. The view of the entire Hopeful Valley was unobstructed; we stopped at the top of the hill to admire the beautiful scenery of a blooming new life. I am glad to have made my decision to come here, I am now feeling happy and secure. Thankfully Ann ...read more.

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