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Contrast Between a place at Two different times

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Antoine Tuesday 17th of November 2009 LaCour Contrast Essay 2nde4 The bright orange sun slowly rose above the horizon of the city of New Orleans. It was a special day, Mardi Gras day. The people had been preparing for weeks. They had multi-coloured costumes and massive, feather-covered floats parked in their garages or alleyways. At around 6 AM, the first New Orleanians were in the wide streets parading. They were throwing hundreds of bead necklaces which wrapped around the power lines and the branches of the blooming magnolia trees, reflecting the brilliant sunlight. It seemed that gold dust was falling from the trees. The dazzling paraders were beating on tambourines, playing trumpets, trombones, saxophones and drums. Many people were on their iron balconies cheering. The parade had started to grow and was now like a snake slithering through the streets of the French Quarter. The gigantic floats represented dragons or pirate ships. They were full of revellers throwing bead necklaces to the parade-goers. ...read more.


There are many playgrounds in this park where kids from all around the city come and play. The blood-red sun slowly climbed over the horizon of New Orleans. Water reflected its brilliant rays in every direction. But the reflection didn't come from Lake Ponchartrain or from Bayou St John, it came from the city of New Orleans. Water had flooded almost the whole of the city. The roofs of the houses looked like islands in the middle of a huge and treacherous sea. Some were upside down, turned over like empty plastic cups by the force of the hurricane winds and the force of the masses of water which had burst from the canals. Everywhere you could see people on their roofs crying for help, you could see the orange boats of the police. All the trees had snapped like matches. Boats had been thrown onto the roads like rocks thrown by a little boy. The street lights were smashed and the power lines were cut off, the whole city was in darkness in these early hours of the day. ...read more.


All the flooded houses had been marked by search teams. They had either a cross or a circle on the front door, indicating if they were secure to enter and how many dead the search team had found. The New Orleanians who were lucky to have a house on high ground had fled the city before the storm made landfall had come back and checked their property. Most of the shops had been looted in order to get food. There was no electricity for weeks even for the lucky ones whose house hadn't been flooded. Strangely, long rows of refrigerators lined the streets like sentries in gleaming white armour. Image leaving a refrigerator full of meat, seafood and other perishables closed for a month in 25� temperatures without power... People were scared to open them so they taped them up and stood them on the streets. But the most shocking fact was the emptiness of the city. Two thirds of the population had left and now there was no music, no birds were singing like they used to. The squirrels had left Audubon Park, the egrets and herons too. New Orleans had become a dead city. 2/2 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

There is some good imagery created in this piece and an obvious difference in the two descriptions. Further complex sentences need to be introduced into the writing and a high level and range of vocabulary must be maintained throughout.

4 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 05/09/2013

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