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Controlling the Intellectual Property of Medicine and Drugs Through the Power of Patenting

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Controlling the Intellectual Property of Medicine and Drugs Through the Power of Patenting Remember when you were a child and you went over to play at your friend's house? When you were in his or her room and you saw that perfect Barbie doll outfit; that perfect little toy car that you've always wanted ever since you were five but your mother couldn't afford it. The toy that you felt you desperately needed. Remember the urge that you underwent? To just pinch it off the shelf and hide it in your backpack, knowing that he or she would never miss it anyway, as they had never even used it? Then, remember the conscience that stopped you in your mother's voice, telling you it was wrong and you weren't allowed? This exact situation of emotions in adult life is experienced, except that the states of affairs are more serious. Information that people want or need is not available to the public, and instead of your mother's voice telling you the consequences, you have the law doing so. This is due to the issue of patents. Patents are intellectual properties that protect inventions. In fact, the U.S Constitution Article 1 actually described this clause as the following: "The Congress shall have power ... ...read more.


There is a large hindrance in terms of Innovator Drug Patenting that people of the world are taking into serious consideration. This is because of the accessibility of these drugs in third world countries. 11Patients are aggravated due to the high prices of necessary drugs, while pharmacists are trying desperately to get rid of their stocks before the medicines' expiry dates. These are the general circumstances in an ELDC (Economically Less Developed Country). According to census by the WHO (World Health Organization), the average person in a developing country would have to work 215 days in order to buy a quantity of 13 vital medicines, while for example, a Canadian would only have to work eight days to purchase a set of the exact same medicines. Not only difference in work pay, but due to a data collection made by pharmacist Kirsten Myhr, the prices of medicines in Norway would be much more than the prices of that same medicine in Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda. In fact, the price for an innovator drug named 'ciprofloxacin' in Uganda cost more than twice the amount in Norway! The UN are not merely watching this happen, though. It is pleasant to see that there has been attempted action taken on this type of situation. The Patent Protection program is subsidized by the WHO and the WTO (World Trade Organization) of the United Nations8. ...read more.


Throughout this piece I had made statements through facts from sources. Not once have I given my own direct opinion. I find it, however, very clear on whether the access of medicine should be free or not. When I think of the prices on some of those medicines that people must be spending a fortune on every year, I wonder in disbelief. However, then I realized the reason. The Patenting of all these drugs and medicines is a definite monopoly. Although this is illegal, it seems to be very much within the law of patenting. Despite this repellent fact, I believe that to a certain extent, yes, Medicine Patenting should be activated, otherwise the hard work of the scientist will definitely be undermined and this would not do well to justice. Nonetheless, this extent, I feel, should not be very large. In fact, less than half, as countries that have necessary needs for it require these Medicines for their health. This should not be a problem, since what is the purpose of researching and inventing? To make the world a better place for civilization, of course, and if this act of being supportive to less fortunate countries isn't qualified as good humanity, then I don't know what is. I regret to say that people don't seem to understand that the countries that need these inventions the most are the ones that are seeing the least of them. ...read more.

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