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Controversy Regarding Papers Purchased from the Web.

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Controversy Regarding Papers Purchased from the Web Purchasing or obtaining term papers online can be looked at from various different perspectives. Purchasing term papers for a school assignment thru the internet is considered plagiarism. It also may be illegal in some states to ship, sell, or purchase these documents. Most teachers view the websites as cheating or plagiarizing, but if used properly, students could benefit by using it as a tool or a guide to help them in developing their own paper. The different views collide when we ask the question, what is considered plagiarizing? Printing a paper from the internet and turning it in does not help develop critical thinking skills and the ability to express thoughts and ideas. ...read more.


Along with not getting a strong education or getting kicked out of school you could also face criminal charges if you participate with the buying or selling of term papers. In some cases the seller could be charged with wire fraud, mail fraud, racketeering, and in some states such as Massachusetts, breaking a law that bans the sale of a term paper. Some argue that using term paper websites are not plagiarism and can be used for things like showing the writing skills of other college students so you can compare your work. Students can also turn to these websites to look for where information can be found on certain subjects. ...read more.


The controversy over weather term papers should be illegal, or banned from schools, can be put to an end by simply parenthetically citing term papers. If someone obtains information by using another persons term paper there is nothing illegal about that as long as the student documents where they got the information. If you think that someone else's words can explain feelings toward something better than your words can, why should it be illegal to use them? Obtaining information from term paper websites should not be prohibited. A term paper is the same thing as looking at a website. It is a report devoted to a certain subject. ...read more.

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