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Conversation Language Features - online dating conversation

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S to T that she meet on a online dating website, she is communicating through text. S: Hi, Tim… thanks for giving me your number x Paralinguistic feature “x” to show they like each other (want to be more then friends). The punctuation of ellipsis “…” to show non fluency features, this could suggest thinking time or could mean she is trying to create suspense to tell T then she is nervous about what she is going to say next. T: No worries – my pleasure ï you look really good in your profile picture xx T uses paralinguistic features “ ï ” this is done so show that he is being friendly towards S and may suggest that he is excited to hear from her too. T then uses another paralinguistic feature “xx” the first “X” he may have done to be friendly towards S, but the other “x” may be done to show he is interested in her. S: Thanks! You’re quite the charmer, aren’t you? ...read more.


She then uses the paralinguistic feature ? x? to show she is trying to be kind and not be too keen and rude towards T. T: Highgate inn at 7pm. Catch you later. T then replies with an immediate answer and does not give S any flirty talk from when she said ?I can be!? notice how T does not give any kisses back. And notice how T has more power in this conversation as he has the power of telling S when and what time they are meeting. S: Yes. That is fine. From this reply you can notice that because T didn?t give an kiss S did not reply with a X either this also is a sign that T has the most power in this conversation. S to her bestfriend D on facebook. S:OMG! he actuali gave me his numba ? ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Wtf!!! Now I hav2go n im scared!!? Prosodic features used a lot in this sentence ?ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!? ?!!?? suggests she is really excited and nervous at the same time. ...read more.


LOL :o… S uses modern slang to communicate with D she uses an acronym in capital letters to show excitement (acronym shown to be only for younger people, the older generation cannot understand this type of writing) D: and…? “…” ellipsis non- fluency features. S: ono he jst txt me and didn’t leave a kiss – wot does that mean “Ono” >could be linked to an accent. This sentence has no prosodic features in it which suggests she is quite disappointed with the reply she got. S: helllooo? She is really anxious to get a reply from her friend so her friend can give her advice. S: well fine jst ignor me thn She uses phonetic spelling in this to give an impression that she is upset for her friend late replying. D: nono sorry im listenin bt my internet jmd. Sorry sorry sorry Repetition showing she is sorry S: I WAS JOKING ï Prosodic feature is shown as S has replied with capital letters to show she was joking along with a paralinguistic feature. D: OMG DON’T DO THAT !!!!!!!! ï D then replies with prosodic features as she too has capital letters with a paralinguistic feature of a smiley face. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

Language features are clearly understood and are identified well in this response; however a GCSE essay should be set out as an essay that investigates the use of language. Points and ideas should be made and linked and then supported with evidence from the sources; this just identifies the type of language being used but doesn't always look into ideas about what these features show.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 05/09/2013

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