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Cop Killers

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Cop Killers It was a hot sunny afternoon in Boston, Massachusetts. There was a light breeze and the streets were quiet. P.C. Coleman was out completing his rounds, down Baker Street, a right into Oaks Road and finally a stop at Beechside Square in the heart of town. After pulling over a young driver for speeding he parked in a lay-by opposite a confectionary shop and began to fill in the necessary paperwork. He called in to head office over his car radio to tell them that he had completed his rounds and was preparing to go home. He looked out of his window and saw a black BMW parked outside the shop. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a dark figure cross in front of his car, He turned suddenly and then realized that he was looking down the barrel of a gun. "We are investigating the murder of Police Constable Mathew Coleman. He had called in to head office after completing his rounds when suddenly he was attacked and ended up on the receiving end of a brutal assault, which led to his untimely death. Forensic detectives are currently investigating some evidence found close to the crime scene; they have told us that he was shot four times in the abdominal area. ...read more.


But one thing remained constant throughout all of the accounts of the events; a black BMW was seen parked nearby to the crime scene that was then used by the attacker to get away. After weeks of careful investigation, the police had a description that was similar over several witness accounts. A police artist drew up an image and it was posted around the media so that it could be seen to try to gather information and maybe even a suspect. Was their luck was about to change. After three days had passed, a young woman came forward to the police; she had bruises all over her face, with several cuts and what looked like to be a broken arm. She had long, blonde greasy hair with very tatty clothes, which looked like they had been worn for several days. She told the police that the man in the picture was her current boyfriend who had beaten her when she questioned him about the allegations. He was currently running from the police in his black BMW going by the name of Peter Paterson but his drivers' licence and passport went by a different name - Ian Robinson. The police decided on a possible plan to capture him, their idea was to pretend to capture someone else with the media thinking that this was the truth. ...read more.


His reply was 'I know, I can see you!' At this point the police became very worried about Stephanie's and there own protection. As policemen looked around the trees and bushes for any sign of Paterson, a gunshot was heard in the distance. As several police cars scurried towards where the shot had been fired, head office told the crew that half should go and half should stay. They followed their orders and three police cars headed off towards where they believed Paterson was staying. But their beliefs were wrong! The three remaining cars stayed in position, waiting for any sign of Paterson. Detective Sergeant Gary Peggs was sitting in his car when he heard a rustle in the bushes behind him. He turned suddenly but saw nothing, he re-focused his view on the garage. Again, he heard a rustle but this time it sounded closer, he turned his head but again he saw nothing. After turning back to look at the garage, he heard another rustle on the ground near to his car. He decided to get out and investigate, as he stepped out of his car and looked around the floor he saw nothing. He started to move around the car as slowly and as quietly as possible. He looked around the side of the car and there, lying on the floor was Paterson with a gun in his hand. It was a trap! ...read more.

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