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Cost of the ancient phone: 200. Cost of entry to the night club: 20. Cost of preserving your status, getting the girl and avoiding such subsequent embarrassment: a mere 79.99. For 79.99 we have the answer to all your problems

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Saad Mehmood English Language Coursework Production Piece One Mokia 6230: The Faithful Sidekick. Her gaze meets yours from across the dance floor. You coolly scan the place while sipping your drink as if it didn't register. Aware of her stare you heartily laugh at a joke which barely deserved a smile. You look back to that spot; nowhere to be seen. High heeled footsteps are heard from behind you, they're getting louder, they've stopped. Your stomach jolts, either that chicken vindaloo doesn't agree with you, or she's behind you. You exchange cool pleasantries. Sara; works in media. She's a looker, wait until the lads see her. You gave her your number, smiled and turned on your heels. The cat gets the cream. Until she pops the question, the dreaded question. You try explaining it, that you'd remember it or write it on your hand; no use, she insists. ...read more.


For �79.99 we have the answer to all your problems. He's sexy, slim and size not an issue, a phone after your own heart you may say, the new Mokia 6230 is your perfect partner. Your new pocket pal is a handy 103mm x 44mm x 20mm or as we like to put it small enough to fit in your pocket, big enough to get noticed in your hands. Unlike those flash gits with their bricks of useless technology, the 6230 understands what a man really needs in a phone. Its loyal, practical, easy to understand and a good laugh; what all best mates are meant to be. You've just pulled the Naomi Campbell of town, mates not believe you? No one there to see it? Why not put the 1.8 Megapixel camera to good use and snap away. ...read more.


(who says we can't multitask). To make sure you don't forget the anniversary or indeed the footy the Mokia 6230 has extensive calendar with busy view of the week, improved notes view for each day and a to-do list. To ensure the Mrs doesn't know about the to-do list there is also a handy keypad security code. The phone also has an alarm clock with essential snooze, calculator and stopwatch. The 6230 is up to date on all the new technology with voice dialling and voice commands meaning press a button, mention the word curry and you could be ordering from Ali's Curry House in no time at all, whilst saving valuable hunger seconds. All in all lads you really have to have one to realise the true difference, and at just �79.99 it's not worth not having one. Without it you're like a kebab without the coke. Word Count: 743 ...read more.

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