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Cottage Life

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Running head: COTTAGE LIFE Cottage Life Matthew Kelly Red River College My children's mother and my ex-partner Jennifer, was born in at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto on March 18th, 1973. Almost everyone in her family was born in Toronto and they still live there today. Toronto will always be her hometown but it is not Toronto that her heart belongs too. Jennifer's heart belongs to Belmont Lake, a little cottage community just outside of Toronto. When she was four years old, Jennifer and her mother moved to Winnipeg and they have been here ever since. Shortly after we started dating she asked me to visit her favorite place in the whole world with her. On the drive down to her families, Jennifer told me of her fondest childhood memories at Belmont Lake and how she would spend every summer and spring vacation there with her family. Jennifer's grandfather bought the land on the lakeshore and cleared it himself. It was the last lot on the bay at the end of the road that led into the community. Her grandparents purchased the lot with hopes of building a home there that they could on day retire in. They built that home from the foundation up with a lot of sweat and even more love. However, the little tricks that life can play on all of us, threw a monkey wrench in that plan. ...read more.


She said it was like being as free as a bird in the sky and that nothing could stop her. She would hold on to those big ropes and let herself tip back and look at the lake upside down. Jennifer said the water would be too tempting to just look at though and that she would let the swing slow until she could jump off. She would then run down the rocks to the dock and lay on her belly to watch the sunfish with their orange and silver bellies lazily swim by. When it got too hot to stand it any longer, she said that she would strip off her shorts and shirt down to her bathing suit and jump in. Jennifer told me that she remembered her grandfather would always yell, "be careful down there, don't go out too far!" But that she would always pretend she didn't hear him and swim out to the rock in the middle of the bay that came up just below the surface of the water. She would stand up on that rock and pretend that she was walking on the water because if you were standing on the dock that's what it looked like. It looked like you were a magical magician that was floating just above the water. Jennifer beamed fondly at the memory of her grandmother coming down the rocks to tell her to get out of the water and how she would dive in and swim back to the beach. ...read more.


Jennifer told me that every time she looks at the many objects that her Grandmother has given to her over the years, that she can hear her soft voice telling her those words. We went back to the cottage that year so that Jennifer could show our children and me the place where some of her fondest childhood memories came from. When we arrived, we saw that the new owners were not there. I don't believe her intention was not to get out of the car but when she saw that old tree swing, it was as if she was hypnotized and taken back in time. She told me later that when she seen the swing she couldn't help herself. She felt compelled to get out and go sit on it. Before I knew it, Jennifer was pumping her legs off and almost flying like a bird. She tipped her head back and looked again at the lake upside down. She slowly let the swing slow till she could jump off. Jennifer ran down the rocks and laid on the dock to watch the sunfish lazily swim by. She laid there for along time until one of our children yelled, "come on mom it's time to go." But just for a second, I was sure that the sound that had broken the quiet and stillness of the lake was her grandmother's telling her it was time to come in. Cottage Life 1 ...read more.

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