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Courage is one of the themes of the novel "To Kill A Mockingbird".

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Form 4B2 22/04/03 English B Khamal Hodge 1. Look at these people that sit in the courtroom today. They are all against me. There attitude is "He's a nigger, let's get rid of him." The jury has the same attitude also. I don't stand a chance. I had might as well not bother to come. Atticus is trying his best. As a matter of fact, he is doing very well. He probably already knows what the outcome will be but he is loyal to me and to his profession. Bob Ewell is a nasty, ignorant, drunken and spiteful man and he has intimidated Mayella to get his wishes. They both know that I didn't do it but remember I'm a "nigger", so that gives them a reason to lie on me. You can see from Mayella's behaviour that she is terrified by the man she calls father. His words are speaking through mouth. Judge Taylor, unlike his fellow people of Maycomb is not as racist or prejudice. ...read more.


She is an ill-tempered, cantankerous, spiteful and nasty woman. She constantly teases Jem and Scout when their father takes on Tom Robinson's case. Mrs. Dubose made remarks in reference to Atticus such as "nigger-lover". These types of remarks that she made show that she is prejudice and racist against blacks also. Although having so many bad qualities, Mrs. Dubose has few that are good. She is strong-willed and courageous. Those two qualities give her the power to resist the temptation and to die morphine-free. Aunt Alexandra Aunt Alexandra is the sister of Atticus and the aunt of Jem and Scout. She seems to be the total opposite of Atticus. She moves from Finches Landing to Atticus' home to bring what she calls a feminine influence into Jem and Scout's life. The children do not like their aunt though. As are most people of Maycomb County, Aunt Alexandra is very prejudice, especially against blacks and poor folk. She does not like the idea that the children are left around Calpurnia, a black woman. ...read more.


Mrs. Dubose ironically though hates niggers (black people). She is a morphine-addict. Doctors prescribed the morphine for her as a painkiller. When she learns that she will, soon die she makes a wish to die Morphine-free. Atticus hears of this and he decides to make Jem help her by reading to her everyday. He does not have to do this though because when Jem cuts off the heads of Mrs. Dubose's flowers, she gives the job to him as punishment anyway. Atticus goes along with Mrs. Dubose's punishment because he thinks that by Jem being around Mrs. Dubose and seeing her struggle to die morphine-free he would learn a life long lesson. Jem carries out his punishment by reading to Mrs. Dubose weekday for 2 hours. He watches her bare all the pain and watches her finally get over her morphine addiction. When Jem finished he learns why Atticus wanted him to carry out his punishment. Atticus tells him, " I wanted you to see what real courage is instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand." ...read more.

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