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Coursework- a shell game

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Karibuni Dar-es-Salaam 7th May 2008 Agnes's house. Dear Diary, It's been about and hour and a half since I landed in this hellhole of a city- Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and the scorching heat in this place is killing me! On our way to Agnes's -my host's- house, from Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere International Airport I hit my head on the front seat because of the bumpy roads! I have only on this idiotic foreign exchange programme because my Mother forced me to. Given an option, I would never come to a city like Dar-es-Salaam, whose name no one even knows. Anyway, Agnes is a student of grade 10 at International School of Tanganyika- one of the best schools here. She told me that Africans refer to us, Indians as 'Muhindi' and they are racist- they are not too fond of Indians. Tomorrow, we will be going to Agnes's school, where we will be introduced to the faculty and the students. 8th May 2008 International School of Tanganyika. Dear Diary, The morning assembly at International School of Tanganyika just ended. ...read more.


I am not an animal lover, but since I have come here all the way from India, I must not miss this opportunity to witness nature in its full glory, as my Mother said. Did I mention how beautiful Agnes's house is! She lives in a bungalow which as a wonderful garden that looks even better after it has rained because of the glow given off by the pavement. Agnes lives with her parents and has many natives working at her house as domestic helpers. She meets her parents at only night, as both of them work during the day. While the natives have tremendous stamina to do work, they have a lethargic disposition. This I learned, when Agnes told me that one of her maids had not turned up today owing to her Mother's death. I truly felt sorry for the maid. Just then, Agnes said, "Don't be sorry. This is the fourth time that her mother has died in the past three months". I was very amused to hear this. ...read more.


In the evening, they plan to take us to Slipway- a market of souvenir shops, galleries and restaurants. Slipway seems to be a very lively cosmopolitan hangout, from what Agnes and her parents tell me. Slipway This place is located along the sea and is filled with impressive handicrafts made by the natives. I bought 'kitenge' outfits- locally designed sarong-like, colourful clothing, along with a set of earrings and a necklace made of beads. I even picked up slippers with beads adorning the straps. 11th May 2008 International School of Tanganyika Dear Diary, Today is my last day in Dar-es-Salaam. Despite all the bumpy roads that kept getting in my way, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to this city. The souvenirs that I bought will always remind me of this trip. It was only after visiting Dar-es-Salaam, that I realized the purity and serenity of nature, which could affected me in a strange way. In spite of its poverty and its under development, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was only after coming here that I felt a sense of calmness. ...read more.

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