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Coursework: autobiography

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Coursework: autobiography I'm sitting here on a cold Wednesday morning on a cold Wednesday morning bored out of my mind having just been given my SATs result (a five I think that's rubbish). All I can hear is the names of people in my class and a number it sort of reminds me of bingo that I used to go to with my nana since, well, forever. As I'm telling you this I feel as though I should tell you about the amazingly boring things that have happened to me between my first breath and now fifteen years later. On the 5th of October 1990 at 7 pm Janet and Colin Brook gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl a baby girl they named her Robyn. They already had one daughter Gemma that was a year old. I stayed in hospital for a few days then I was sent home to my new family. I stayed there for about two weeks until my house was ready for us to go live in. I was christened at four months old at Rothwell parish church. When I was four years old my mum and dad decided to have another baby. Nine long months later my (completely evil) little sister was born she had gorgeous baby blue eyes (she still has them now). That year (1994) on bonfire night my mum forced my dad to take me and my sister Gemma down to the bonfire in Rothwell Park to watch the fireworks. ...read more.


The summer holidays that year were less than uneventful but I'll warn you know this story is quite complicated but ok...my old best mate Charlotte's boyfriend Robert we were at the top of our street where we usually sit but one day things were different Robert was sat with us and we were messing about and the old man who lives at the top of the street came out and started having a go at us and we instantly new what was wrong you could smell it on his breath - alcohol he was always drunk and shouting at the little kids but when he shouted at Alice we had decided that he had shouted at one too many children, and Rob went over to tell him to leave her alone, but in a nice way obviously. But the "old" man doesn't take kindly to people asking him to / telling him to stop and he took a swing at Robert, Robert ducked out of the way and because the "old" man was so drunk he that his balance and fell over and broke his arm. Rob ran straight home and his mum ran the police whilst the old mans wife phoned the police Rob was given a restriction order which meant he couldn't come up our street any more. So that's that story over did you understand it? ...read more.


So that's right up to October last year were in the home straight only one year left to go not a lot happened . But in the Autumn of 2004 my mum came home and she had a pet carrier m her hand and she said "guess what... were getting a cat" I couldn't wait and went my mum took him out if the carrier he was so sweet. He is a white and black cat I only say it that way round because if you could see him you'd say the same he is pure white with a black tail and a back patch on his head. We called him Mister and it really suits him and it is really funny at the vets because she calls out "Mister Brook. " So that's my new family I live with my mum, my two sisters and our cat Mister, and then there's the family I have that doesn't live in my house my dad ha his own little family now I'm a lot happier without my dad I miss him every day but I get to see him on a weekend. My feelings of hatred towards my dad have now gone. So I guess that a step in the right direction. My hopes for the future are that I will receive good grade at GCSE's go on to do A levels and hopefully getting into a veterinary university and getting a job as a veterinary surgeon because that's what I've always wanted to be. ...read more.

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