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Coursework B Animal Testing

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Coursework B animal testing In my essay I will be writing to tell about why people should and shouldn't agree to animal testing, I will be telling both sides of to animal testing from sources and both views. Animal testing is experiments on animals to benefit human beings, there are three reasons for animal experiments one is cosmetic, this is for beauty for example lipstick, make up etc. Second is cleaning products for example bleaching products, washing up liquid and more, and the last reason is for medical research this is to cure diseases and human health problems. Animal testing is topical and debatable because there are two groups who agree very strongly with there views, reasons and policy for there group and in my opinion the two different sides are arrogant and strongly disagree with there opposition they just ignore the points and just stick to what they believe. In article one Andrew Blake who is for animal testing and a member of the HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences) argues that his company which is the U.K's largest contract research organisation carry out animal testing and they help to develop safety tests for human medicine. ...read more.


In article two Sarah Kite explains why she thinks animal testing is unethical and why it's wrong. She says that BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) is peaceful and oppose violence to humans and animals; this tells us that they are not terrorist. Sarah Kite then argues and turns the violence around on the animal research saying that they commit violent offences to millions of animal laboratory every year; she quickly blames it on the opposition in the article. She then explains the facts about what the HLS actually do, for example 'It conducts toxicity tests on animals...' she then explains the cruelty to animals 'These range from being dripped into the animals eyes, injected into the bodies, forced up their nostrils or forced down their throats.' This shows us the inhuman behaviour of these scientists. So she exposes the truth of the suffering of the animals. HLS does it to check for any side affects and other poisoning symptoms such as 'vomiting, diarrhoea, bleeding and fits.' These animals suffer badly for us humans which is cruel, she makes us think about the suffering animal and says is it really worth it? ...read more.


I think yes in order to prevent suffering for a human's life. Animal testing benefits us so why not do it? We kill animals for food so why can't we use them for health purposes. It may cure someone of a life mattering disease it could affect someone we love so that's why I am for animal testing. Even though animals has feelings and suffer I think that a human life is more significant in life than an animal so therefore we should find a way to survive and live of the expense of an animal's suffering. Animal experiments and research based on them helped us already with a number of medicines for example; insulin to help control diabetes is made from animals also children's immunizations were created with the work of animal testing and woman who take progesterone to prevent miscarriages, these are used from research on animals as well. But on the other hand I think that animal testing is cruel and cold-hearted because it is just spiteful to hurt animals to the top and to kill them after they have been used it's just not right. I would want the animal to have the minimum amount of suffering. ...read more.

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