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coursework dotheboys hall

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Coursework 4: Prose - Nicholas Nickleby - Chapter 8 In Chapter 8 Dickens creates sympathy for the victims in several different ways. He creates sympathy for the children because of the way in which they are treated. He uses effective descriptive detail telling the reader just how badly the children were treated. In the Victorian times the quality of education received was poor as they were totally mistreated. A lot of children grew up not knowing how to read or write. Children were often scared of their teachers, as they were very strict. The children also had to endure cruel canings from their terrifying teachers. The whole school package was very saddening. Chapter 8 is about a corrupt boarding school in which the owners aim to use the children as a business for their welfare. The name of this boarding school is 'The Dotheboys Hall'. This immediately strikes you and the implication of the name is very much the opposite of the purpose of a boarding school. ...read more.


So, it does them good and us good at the same time, and that's fair enough I'm sure.' When reading you feel great pity for the boys as the evidence becomes clear of their suffering and how conniving the Squeers are. The effects of the criminal cruelty started showing up as Nicholas looked in dismay around! Pale and haggard faces, lank and bony figures, children with the countenances of old men, deformities with irons upon their limbs, boys of stunted growth, and others whose long meagre legs would hardly bear their stooping bodies, all crowded on the view together; their were the bleared eye, the hare-lip, the crooked foot, and every ugliness or distortion that told of unnatural aversion and two in old trousers, a something tighter fit than drawers are usually worn. This is the condition of the children and it shows that they are not being looked after at all. ...read more.


The foods and meals they had were rubbish and small. Orphans and very poor children were sent to 'ragged' schools. School managers didn't like to spend money on repairs, so buildings were allowed to rot and broken equipment was not replaced. Finally, I think that Dickens is trying to highlight how life was in the Victorian times for the boys and how hard their life was throughout this chapter. I also think that he has evoked sympathy for all the victims through his quality of descriptive language and the description of the surroundings and conditions that the boys existed in. He uses a wide range of detailed, descriptive vocabulary such as 'their were the bleared eye, the hare-lip, the crooked foot, and every ugliness or distortion that told of unnatural aversion and two in old trousers, a something tighter fit than drawers are usually worn'. His choice of words is very accurate and very well organised. Every noun is described well, ' their were the bleared eye, the hare lip, the crooked foot'. This type of writing appeals to the readers' senses. ...read more.

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