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Cousin Kate and Seduction: How they Compare and Differ.

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Cousin Kate and Seduction: How they Compare and Differ The poem, Cousin Kate, written by Christina Rossetti is the story of a cottage maiden and how she was seduced and used by the lord of the estate for which she worked. The poem then goes on to describe how she became jealous of her cousin, Kate, as she then went on to marry the lord. The lord had seduced the cottage maiden and used her like, "A Silken Knot" This basically means that the lord used the cottage maiden as a trophy and used her when he wanted to. ...read more.


Then the poem goes on to describe how the lord swept hair off her feet by seducing her by complementing her on her looks. However she starts to question the lords judgement on why he picked her, this is proved when she says, "Why did a great lord find me out and praise my flaxen hair?" This suggests that she has no confidence in her appearance or status or it could be that she feels that the lord is only after one thing. ...read more.


This quote shows how she thinks that she was used as a trophy and as a 'plaything'. In the last two lines she goes on to say how she has become un-pure this is shown when she says, "How I moan an unclean thing, who might have been a dove." I feel that the use of the word dove here is to signify purity and virginity. The next verse is used to show us how the lord met Kate the cottage maidens cousin. The verse is also used to show how the lord decided to marry Kate instead of the cottage maiden. ...read more.

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