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Cram School Bullying East Asian School Kids

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Cram School Bullying East Asian School Kids One day in Japan, a 14 year-old boy invited a younger schoolmate, 11 year-old, out for some fun, luring him to a quiet hill where he strangled the boy and sawed off his head, then placed it into a plastic bag and dropped it off at the gate of his school with a note from his mouth "Revenge against the compulsory education system and the society that created it." This is one incident from a considerable pieces of evidence showing that school kids in East Asia have committed violent crimes and even committed suicide resulting from the extreme stress resulting from too much study and too much emphasis on achieving academic goals. Cram school, a place which teaches kids in the wrong way while promising to help them reach their dreams, is bullying many East Asian school kids, adversely affecting their lifestyle and personal development, family relationships and overall quality of life. Many cram schools claim that parents and their kids come to enroll in the supplementary courses because they are unhappy with the traditional school system. But, do they come to enroll with none of former information of the cram schools? Does the ad of the school influence on them? Of course, cram school ads exploit parental concerns, emphasize competition and reinforce preconceived idea about the importance of grades rather than learning. ...read more.


Many East Asian kids spend at least 2 hours in the evening after regular school time, quite a few hours on weekend and even during the summer holidays taking extra courses. According to those evidences above, these kids are losing their teenage lifestyle because they sacrifice most of their time to study for only one day of examination. Kid is the age of development. Kids love playing any entertaining activities and do what they want. Sport is the way to be healthier and music is the way to relax. But, unfortunately East Asian kids do not have time to do the activities because they have too important task to devote their time to do such a thing. Moreover, now the cram school kids hardly communicate to other children with kids' language. They only talk to other when they couldn't catch some words that tutors said. Take a look at these kids' mental and physical conditions. No time to chat or make some joke with friends. What is an image of our next generation when they are adults? Serious? Selfish? Stressed? The answer is serious, selfish and stressed because they have skipped many parts which help them develop personal qualifies, social skills and know how to provide balance in their lives. However, they are still as a kid!! Many of them are not willing to study too hard for the only one examination, but they have to. ...read more.


If we know how to solve it, please solve!! We all have to save our next generation. BIBLIOGRAGRAPHY Fredman, Lauren. "Bullied to Death in Japan (teenager's suicides)." World Press Review March. 1995: 25. National Education Committee Office. Tutoring course for Entrance Examinations of Secondary School and University. Bangkok: 1999. 35-38. Samaki, sachiko. "Fates worse than death." Far Eastern Review Feb. 1996: 38-40. Beech, Hannah. "School Daze." 1-4 http://time.com/time/asia/features/asian_education/cover.html (Retrieved 2 February 2003). Hakuhodo Kids' Market project (K-Map) "Survey of Elementary School Kids Lifestyle Perception." (Oct. 2000). http://hakuhodo.co.jp/english/news/e/200220424.html (Retrieved 2 February 2003). Johnson, Marcia J, and Johnson, Jeffry R. "Daily Life in Japanese High School." (Oct. 1996). http:// http://indiana.edu/~japan/digest9.html (Retrieved 2 February 2003). Latique Jr, Casey J. "You'll Never Guess What South Korea Frowns Upon." (May 2000) http://washingtonpost.com/ac2/wpdyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A20232-2000May27&notFound=true (Retrieved 2 February 2003). APPENDIX Survey of Elementary School Kids' Lifestyle Perceptions -A Report by K-MAP Survey Result of National Education Committee Office in Thailand * Most kids who attend cram school already have good grades. * Most cram school kids' parents are well-educated while most parents who work in agricultural careers do not send their kids to cram schools. * Most cram school kids live in Bangkok and the central region. * Most cram school kids never failed any regular school tests before they enrolled at cram schools. The Price of Education: Asia lags behind the rest of the world when it comes to spending on education (Percentage of GDP, 1999) By World Competitiveness Yearbook 2001, IMD; Vietnam General statistics Office CATION MANURADA 4440156322 ...read more.

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