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Crash and Burn.

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Crash and Burn. He was walking towards me. I was so nervous! I checked my hair and make-up, put on a bit of lipstick and I was all set to go. But who was I kidding? My knees were as weak as jelly, just like they always were when I saw him. I took in a deep breath as he flashed me a perfect white smile. " Hi Alex". His deep voice always spread butterflies into my stomach. " Hi Charlie, how's it going?" " Good, good. Um... me and a few mates are going down to the movies tonight, fancy being my date?" I had been waiting for this night for all my Secondary School life! Charlie Watts was finally asking me out! After months of looking at each other from afar, it was finally happening! ...read more.


At 7 on the dot, a car came banging down my road. It looked about thirty years old, was rusty and falling apart. It looked as safe as a doctor holding a rusty syringe. Charlie jumped out of the car and swayed a little as he came to join me on the pavement. I could smell the vodka on his breath from a mile away. He managed a slurry 'hello', kissed me on the cheek and led me to the far side of the car. He clambered into the seat, and I slid in after him. The contents of the car look just as bad as the outside of it. I recognised the driver and the other two passengers from Charlie's year. None of them decided to greet me, except the driver, who looked back at me with bloodshot eyes, and managed a staggered 'hello'. ...read more.


All I could see was wires coming out of me and going into a loud, beeping machine. I tried to speak but all I could manage was short rasping sounds. A nurse materialised by my side, and checked the machines and my fluid bags. " Alex, Alex, can you hear me? My name is Emily. You were in a terrible car crash. You were very badly injured, and have had a couple of operations. I'm really sorry, but your legs were beyond repair". From then on I've been in a wheelchair. My family and I have had to move into a bungalow, and I've had to move school. Life has been really hard. All this happened because all I wanted to be was cool and popular. I regret it so much. So do me a favour. From now on, follow your gut feelings and be happy with who you are. By Holy Waterman, 9E. ...read more.

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