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Crash Landing!

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Tueseday 7th september 2004 Dale lingard 11T Crash Landing! Day 1 Sepember 23rd, Everything was going okay at first, everyone was talking and getting to know each other, except me, I just sat in the corner, I don't like socializing that much with people I don't know, and plus , I was missing my mum. I peered across the room looking at each of the boys who were with me and noticed a small rat-like boy walking over. He had very small thin-like fingers and almost scale like skin, greenish eyes and a long thin nose. He looked very mischievious, but as we began talking and getting to know each other he seemed okay. As we were chatting away something must have hit us and the left wing of the plane was smashed to pieces, bits of metal were flying everywhere and everyone was shouting and crying out for their parents; the whole place was chaotic. The small rat boy and myself scrunched up together in the corner and hoped that we would be alright. The pilot shouted back for us all to hold on to the bars thet were around the sides of the plane, so everyone did, and hoped for the best. ...read more.


Day 3 By the third day we were starting to get hungry, so a small lad nicknamed Peewee climbed like a monkey up the tallest tree round the pond and shouted down that there were a few pigs North of the shelter. We helped him down and all gatherd some thick spikey branches. I pulled out a knife that a sneeked from the pilot's cockpit and off we went. We only had to walk for about three minutes to get there; we felt safe because it was near our shelter. The pigs were loafing around not doing anything, so we stealthly gathered round and all attacked one pig. It was a success, we carried the dead carcas back to the shelter and lay it on the ground. As we returned, we noticed something under the shelter rumaging through the supplies, so we all charged in quikly and surrounded the trespasser. We were suprised to see the last two members of our group. It was Rat's friend John and his little brother, so now all our group was together. When everyone was in and listening, Rat and I gave everyone assignments. We sent 4 people on wood duty to go and collect lots of wood and 4 people to start making a spit, while Rat and I ...read more.


He survived by eating a stale sandwhich that he had in his pocket and by his inflatable jacket which let him sleep without drowning. We all felt that we needed to give the rest of the pig to the pilot and did. After we had eaten the remainder, we got some sleep. Day 5 When everyone woke up that day we all grouped round and discussed how we were going to get off the Island, People started to panic and say that we'd never make it, All that time I was wondering why the pilot was so calm, so I asked him. He said underneath his inflatable jacket he had a mobile phone in his waterproof jacket so he made a few phone calls and a helicopter picked us up after about only 2hours and we were on our way home. We could go home because, the threatened England had been averted by the Goverment. They had sorted it out so we were safe. After the long journey home I stepped out of the helicopter and my mum was there to greet me. My heart filled up with joy and I ran into her arms and she didn't stop hugging and kissing me but I didn't mind because I missed her so much and now we were together again. ...read more.

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