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Crash the Film review

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GCSE ENGLISH - MEDIA COURSEWORK ON THE FILM CRASH Crash: the film starts with a slow piece of music and what seems to be snow. We are then taken to a scene in which in seems to be a murder, but we do not see to corpse, at this point we meet Det. Graham Waters who's a black officer in LAPD. Then as we move onto the next scene we find out that it is Christmas time and that there is racism involved with this film. This films audience can vary from view to view it has an extremely thick plot with characters stories intertwining with other characters, I would personally say the audience for this film would be teenagers from the age of fifteen to about people of the age of around forty. I say fifteen because anything younger and the almost 'subliminal' racist jokes would not be understood and the whole concept of the film would have then been lost, I also say that the max age is forty because some of the film may be seen as outrageous to those above the age of 40. ...read more.


Their conversation develops and Jamal starts stating that he is interested into country/blues. Ludacris is annoyed at the idea that his best friend is listening to songs about black people getting slaughtered during the racist periods of America's history. By this scene is over the two youths having now driven over someone. Ludacris wants to keep going and not think about it but his companion says that they should help; with this the director makes us have some respect for the two for taking them to the hospital. As the story thickens more racial hate continues and we are shown that in Los Angeles there is a lot of racial hate towards black people and that it is being ignored. The director has done this not to emphasis the situation but rather to open the eyes of the audience. We are then reintroduced to the two black youths yet again when they again try to steel another car. This time the person (black) rebels after he is constantly called a 'nigga'. ...read more.


We are then taken into a scene in which Jamal's mother and Jamal's Brother (Det. Graham Waters) are told that Jamal has died, when this happens the director has played some tragic music to add to the effect of the story. We are then taken back to the beginning of the film and we then find out that the snow is not snow yet it is ash and debris of a vehicle burning. Personally I feel that the director made this to show the world that racism still exists in all parts of a community. The idea in which the director has made it so that the different stories of all the characters all link up is quite unique and that is why this film was so successful though the usage of black humour throughout the film is quite disgusting. Black Humour is the source of nearly all the violence/racism in areas today, this film has opened my eyes to racism and corruption everywhere, also the way that we learn of the ending first and then we learn of the plot is a really interesting idea and that's why I like this film. ...read more.

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