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Creationism vs. Evolution, my reading and views.

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Creationism vs. Evolution Since high school, I have been on something of an intellectual and spiritual journey from what I was told to believe to what I believe for myself. It wasn't until recently that I have finally started to become comfortable with what I do and do not accept as the truth regarding the origins of our existence here on this planet. I grew up in a diverse Christian home: my mother's side are devout Roman Catholics and my Father's Lutheran. I was raised Catholic and we went to mass religiously (no pun intended) every Sunday and my mom said my Hail Mary's with me every night before bed. The existence of God and His role in our lives was not even a question. From there, I went to a Christian pre-school, a Catholic kindergarten and grade school, and then a privet Catholic all-girls academy. In High School, evolution was barely talked about unless you were taking a class specifically related to it (or maybe it was but I tended to fall into a coma during science related lectures) and in primary school, it wasn't talked about at all. ...read more.


I was actually appalled because essentially, he said that a person who does not believe in Young-Earth Creationism is not a Christian because they don't believe the Bible. This was extremely disturbing to me because most of his comments throughout the book and on his website Answers In Genesis/ mission were extremely intolerant and even at times abusive towards scientific community as a whole. How could it be possible that the same PhDs and other teachers from whom I was learning all be deceptive liars? I think that's why I had such a problem reading and accepting this article to be anything other than bullshit. True, he is not spouting any of his "holier than thou" spew in this particular piece but because I know and have read his other works I know he is trying to sell something: his own small-minded one-sided view of the world. The truth of the matter is that evolution is not anti-Biblical. I know that the Earth and the universe are both old. I know that life itself is old, we have scientific proof of it, but the question for me remained how exactly did life begin and develop. ...read more.


Whether you want to call it a soul, God's breath of life, or his image and likeness we are different and not just in our linguistic skills. It is clear to me that God chose us to be His children and to love Him forever but how or why he chose to differentiate us from the rest of the primates is still unclear to me. I have come to find that my thoughts and beliefs align with what is called Theistic Evolutionism or Evolutionary Creationism. Theistic Evolution is the concept that classical religious teachings are compatible with modern scientific understanding about biological evolution. Because I found this concept that fully aligned with my beliefs, I have never been more firm in my faith or more sure of my belief in God and Jesus Christ. I believe that God sent Jesus to cleanse me of my sin and I believe that He loves me. I believe that He hears my prayers and answers them and I believe that God did create the universe and everything in it but he chose to do it in a ways that we, his children, can study scientifically so we can better understand Him and His plan for us. Final Paper Bossman 4 ...read more.

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