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Creative Essay

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No Man's Land Jack Harvey's alarm clock pierced the silence of the winter morning. Jack crawled out of his bunk bed, stretched his arms towards the ceiling and unleashed a tremendous yawn. A typical start to what Jack thought would be another typically tedious day's work at school. Jack peered through his bedroom window to see the surrounding streets and houses covered in a thin layer of frost. 'Jack, are you up yet?' called his mother impatiently from the kitchen downstairs. 'Yes Mum, I'm coming now,' replied Jack as he pulled on his school uniform. Jack hurried sliding down the banister attempting to do up his tie on the way. 'Good morning mum, what is for breakfast?' asked Jack readily. 'Good morning son, you're favourite scrambled eggs and toast. I hope you have packed your bags, the bus leaves in 10 minutes?' ...read more.


He needed to cross the road in order to get to the bus. When he was crossing the road he took a deep breath, happy he had almost made it to the bus. Then without warning a white delivery van, headed straight for Jack. The driver braked ferociously but unavoidably skidded out of control and directly collided with Jack. The impact sent Jack flying to the pavement by the road. Jack lay motionless at the side of the road, blood rushing from his nose and mouth. Total darkness engulfed Jack. Unsure of what had just unfolded; Jack tried to open his eyes to no avail. Darkness. The clear scenic morning sky had disappeared. The whooshing of passing cars is no longer audible. Jack could no longer feel the heavy weight of his school bag pushing down on his shoulder. ...read more.


'Why have my senses and body forsaken me?' 'Will I just be left here for infinity in this forsaken no man's land?' Jack having lost his hope of escaping this infernal place made three promises to himself. 'If I ever escape I promise to never be late for school. Always appreciate my mother and keep my bedroom tidy.' 'If anyone is up there let me live again!' begged Jack. All of a sudden, Jack spluttered. He felt the cold pavement through his uniform, a man's voice was saying something near by, and Jack tasted blood swishing about in his mouth. Jack squinted through the bright morning sunlight trying to see where he was. Several figures stooped over the teenager, whispering and muttering. Gradually coming to, Jack was blissful to be in the real world again, but often thought about the strange place he visited that cold winters morning. ...read more.

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