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Creative extended writing.

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Creative extended writing. The darkness closed in over her. She could feel it getting nearer. Every breath a vicious flash back of her life. "Don't hurt me," she sobbed. "Please don't hurt me". Still he came, closing in on her. The silence was deadly. She huddled against the cold, damp wall, paralysed with fear. She thought that if she moved he would easily find her, but it was useless, he knew where she was anyway. She tried closing her eyes and block out thoughts of what he would do, willing herself to disappear. There was no escape now. She was stuck, watching him draw nearer, if she closed her eyes, visions would appear. Horrible visions of him committing the deadly crime. Over and over in her mind, she could see herself being killed and lying dead on the dark floor of the secluded warehouse. "No!" she screamed. Eyes wide open. She couldn't believe it. She was alive. He was gone. It had changed, there was no longer the dripping pipes or piled boxes of the warehouse. Instead, she found herself in a green field, daisies and rabbits everywhere. She was stunned, suddenly the terrible death scene had transformed into something completely different. ...read more.


"I was murdered! Please show me how to go back!" she screamed. "Why do you want to go back?" he repeated the question patiently. "I have to find the bastard who killed me!" she screamed angrily. "No!" he flared out. "I'm not letting you get away! Not again, not ever." "Get away again?" she said to herself. What could he mean again? Have they met before? Impossible. She was sure she could recognise a face like that. Beautiful, yet twisted. Charming, yet deceptive. Cocky, yet hesitant. "Never again will I let you escape. My whole life spent searching for something, and in a matter of seconds, it's gone. She's gone. You, were gone." He said, close to tears. Delise could sense that if she didn't do anything soon, he'd be sobbing uncontrollably and she'd never get out. She'd never go back. Back home. But she needed to get back to take her wicked revenge. "Please stop crying. I...I will come back." But he still wept. Delise was starting to get irritated. "Come on don't be pathetic, what do you mean you won't let me go again?" "You don't recognise me do you?" he said through tears. ...read more.


He's even watching us right now. He makes people fight for his fun, but there's no loser until someone dies. They had to die." Still hitting him, but now more feebly, she wept. She wept for her brother, she wept for those he killed, but more than anything, she wept for herself as she saw an image play in her mind. She was standing, covered in blood. Someone else's blood. "This is it. You ready?" sneered a woman also covered in blood. Delise glared hard at her. "You look just like my mother. I'm home" she spat back. Screaming, the anonymous woman ran at her dagger at the ready. Barbarically, Delise mirrored her actions but was a split second too late. The cold metal touched her skin seductively before breaking the skin, scraping her ribcage, piercing her already broken heart. Eyes wide open; Delise didn't even have a chance to scream. The taste of fresh blood in her dry mouth, gushing out onto the sandy floor. A stinging mixture of blood, sweat and tears as she realised this was no vision. She fell forwards, pushing the dagger all the way through so that it protruded her back. The darkness closed in over her. She could feel it getting nearer. Every breath a vicious flash back of her life. Closing her eyes, she let herself drift into sleep, never to wake again. ...read more.

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