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Creative Piece Of Horror

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Creative piece of Horror The still silent night, air was thick and tasted of death. The glowing moons face let off tiny precious rays that were reflected off the newly set gravestones. Clouds were beginning to cover what ever little light we had was gone-perfect for the time ahead. Luscious grasses under my feet crunching, with each blade of grass covered in a layer of ice, the night getting closer, by the second discretion was getting easier to achieve. My ebony outfit blended well with the dark sinful night. The untroubled nightlife soon began to draw nearer out and the echoes of the radiant fireflies were bouncing of the trees. ...read more.


Why is he disturbing their peace? He had awakened their peaceful and undisturbed souls. The weeping and howling of wolves echoed in the near by forest. A heavily bushed fence covered the border of the graveyard and rabbits ran into the blooming and striking flower bushes. The garden is characterised by a variety of flowers all of them put together look like a spectrum of the rainbow. The vivid yellow sunflowers standing elevated and strong. Alongside the sunflowers the thorny and wild rosebushes. The leaves and flowers captured in time by the cruel chill of the winter season. The silence of the serene and tranquil cemetery was broken by the roaring of a beast. ...read more.


He lit the cigar with such elegance it made him seem like he was a criminal gangster who was from the 70's .He walked with such style and charisma. His tie was perfectly done up with his shirt creaseless and his trousers ironed. He walked towards the gate and opened it, the creaking of the gate disturbed the scared small animals near by an owl flew away from a tree, the dead crisp leaves crunched with each step getting louder as he came towards it. My heart was drumming and beating, I had looked forward to this moment for an eternity and finally it had come. I cleared my head and focused on the task ahead. Determined to get what rightly belonged to me. By, Divya Patel (10.8) ...read more.

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