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Creative play writing - Monologue.

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Oli Lee 4P Monologue Rob is a thirty-five year old man, married to Lucy and has one child named Luke aged three. The monologue is set with him sitting in a chair at home holding his sons teddy, reflecting on his life. However it wasn't always like this.... Pause Waste of money these are (picking up Luke's teddy). Luke never plays with it! At least he has a roof over his head and a nice loving family. It wasn't like this for me when I was a child. I was never loved or properly cared for, I never used to get what the other kids did for Christmas and my birthday. That's why I left home when I was seventeen, went on the streets looking for work and that's when I got in to the habit. I just couldn't stop. I made frequent visits to Tom, the alcohol related doctor about my drink problem. ...read more.


I was on three pound fifty an hour as well, which of course all went on booze. As I didn't know many people I often felt depressed and very lonely. The only thing that kept me going was that one day things would be different, things would change. How lucky I turned out to be.... Pause I lost the job in the caf´┐Ż, due to not turning up in the mornings, on several occasions, due to hangovers. Life wasn't good, I just couldn't help myself drinking, I just couldn't stop. As I had no money to buy the drink with I went a few days without it. I became very ill, and had no money to even get some medicine or pills. I tried committing suicide several times, although thankfully unsuccessfully, and was found by this oldish woman, about sixty or so, lying on a park bench dying. Oli Lee 4P She took me by the hand saying "I'll help you son", and I gratefully followed her. ...read more.


He was looking for a new receptionist type person for his company's warehouse. When he asked me to do this, I accepted without any questions. This was a major turning point in my life. Madge and Pete were extremely kind, and I worked as the receptionist there for about three years. I knew that I had outstayed my welcome with Madge and Pete so I bought a house, just down the road, with the money I had saved and bonuses Pete had given me. Pause Scene is set in his living room with his wife Lucy sitting next to him. Life was great, a far cry from when I was an alcoholic living on the streets. I had even met a woman named Lucy to whom I am now married. We have a son called Luke who is just starting Nursery school. I could never have dreamt this would happen and it is all down to Madge and Pete. I have also been reunited with my own family who are very proud of me for changing my life and finding happiness now. ...read more.

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