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Creative Writing

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Creative Writing When I Realised Who I Really Am By Sachin Shah I can't remember anything about my childhood but there are certainly some things that are weird about me. One is that I don't ever hurt my self when I fall over and I never bleed if I have a cut, but other than them I haven't noticed anything unusual or bizarre happening in my life. There is one day, however that does stand out - the day after me fifteenth birthday. I was coming home from a hard day at school and I could feel then coldness of the wind hitting my face. The darkness covered the sky and I couldn't see anything but a little bright light. I was just about to open my front door when I noticed it. It was smaller than the moon, but much brighter than it. I didn't think much of it at the time. When I got inside, I got changed, quickly did some homework, watched some television and then finally ate dinner. ...read more.


ISTN VELD ROMES ARET EMD LEN BOK HUMAN" again in alien language, which means "I AM GOING TO CUT YOU WITH A LASER, AND SEE WHAT COLOUR BLOOD COMES OUT. THIS WILL PROVE THAT YOU ARE NOT HUMAN" in English. So one of them cut me with their laser, and when I got cut, black blood started oozing out. It was then when I realised that I was an alien, and not a human. I felt a bit shocked. I didn't know what's going to happen to me now, but I was looking around the place where I was and I saw giant marshmallows and lollipops. This place looked much more fun than earth. It had the biggest flat screen television that was a hundred times bigger than a cinema screen. This place is really nice and is like my dream world. It has everything that I have ever dreamed of. It has all the future game consoles and lots of new technology like robots that do the washing up for you and cleaning. ...read more.


It was then I realised that it was all a dream, and none of it was real. Not even the bit about me saying that I can't remember anything of my past. My real name is Sachin, I am not adopted, I have two younger sisters, and when I do fall over and accidentally cut myself, I do bleed. The message that I am trying to get across is that I find it very annoying when someone's having a really good dream, and they are suddenly woken up by their parents because of their school starting so early. I also am very annoyed at the fact that school starts so early. People say that children learn better early in the morning, but they sometimes don't even learn anything because they will just fall asleep rather that stay awake and learn things they don't find interesting, and then they will eventually get bored of it and then fall asleep. So basically I am just trying to say that school should start at about eleven' o'clock, and the students should choose whether they want to come in or not, as it is their learning, so they should have the choice if they want to learn or not. ...read more.

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