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Creative writing

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Creative writing It's the morning of my birthday, I know what you are thinking-it's a happy day, but it's not when you don't have any friends. Your probably wondering why I have no friends, well I'm not very popular at my school. You see at school I work for teachers to help get the other students in trouble. Like the other day when a couple of hooligans decided that it would be funny to throw Mrs. Fonster's slippers on the roof. Then all I did was tell her who did it, it wasn't me who gave them the distension and yet they dislike me. Anyway that's why I don't have any friends, but this is the story about when that all changed. ...read more.


When I got to the dining table the scent of the pancakes was overwhelming. They were already served out on a plate, there was a pile of them stacked one on top of the other. I sat down then my mum said "me and your dad are going away for a couple days on one of your dads company trips. So your going to be here on your own for those days, I'm trusting that you'll behave yourself" I replied "yeah of course". I finished my pancakes and left for school, knowing that from tomorrow I would have the house to myself for two weeks. I wasn't planning on doing anything, for now at least. ...read more.


The bell went for the end of school, Johnny didn't stop going on about the party all day so just to get him off my back I said I would consider it. I got home and turned off the T.V, only then did I start to realise Johnny was right, I do need this party..... A week passed while we talked about the idea, we had decided to hold it this weekend, we had already order every thing. For the party to be held tomorrow. The night of the party arrived I had set up everything. Ding Dong, our first guests had arrived.......... The next morning The party was a success; everyone was dancing, eating and drinking. In fact on the way out everyone was saying I was cool and fun. Jonny summed it up perfectly, we were now popular. And those were the best days of my life. ...read more.

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