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creative writing

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Creative writing!! "Beep...Beep...Beep..." I woke up with a jump as my alarm clock was sounding off like a fog horn! I unraveled the covers off me and rubbed my sleepy eyes open to my messy comfortable room. Each morning when I wake up I turn on the radio and open the curtains to wake me up listening to the latest news and hits while the early sun shines into my room brightening the whole room up. Today was different though, when I open my curtains there was no sun or anything in fact. It was completely white! First I thought I was to tired and needed more sleep, but when I looked closer and rubbed my eyes more I soon realized it had been snowing all night while continuing to dump more snow down. ...read more.


am I dreaming" she said with shock clearly in her voice. Her face lit up with joy as though she won the lottery, I have never seen her wake up so fast in my life with the excitement running through her body. We both ran into my room to turn up the radio really load so we would wake up mum and dad so they could here the amazing news. Radio 1 was waiting for all the schools to be listed so they could be read out. "We have had a significant amount of snow fall in some areas more than expected. The following schools are closed for today for the lucky school kids. Bradford high school, Littleford primary, Greenleaf primary and high school and Rooftop middle school. ...read more.


I got quickly dressed and ran out the door with out brushing my teeth or eating anything for breakfast which is unusual for me. There was me dashing out the door with a fast sprint and a slight wave goodbye to my parents who didn't even realize I was gone and just went back to sleep. I bet my friends would have been at the park already straight after the news on the radio. I saw my friend Tom already left his house heading for the park, so I shouted "Tom.. Tom". He saw me with a huge smile he said "hey you all right I was just coming to your door to see if you wanted to go down to the park" he said in a jolly mood. The two of us walked to the park picking up more friends to join us for the famous snowball fight. ...read more.

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