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Creative writing

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Creative Writing Gaze at my eyes. What do you see? The sunny amounts of happiness will first warm your heart. But then, you'll be able to tell my deepest, darkest secrets or my most daring confession, or a shockingly gruesome personal transgression and that's when you will be lured into my trap and be killed in a grisly fashion. When someone asks me, "how was your day?", I smile broadly which is fake smile and I'll state the lie, "fine", fibbing through my teeth. Then comes an attack from behind pulling out a prickly knife that was destined to tear through their body. Is this a never-ending torture I am fated to endure, a vicious punishment for my supposed dishonesty in my past life; a passionate mind in a lifeless container? ...read more.


The light catches my attention. Emptiness in all directions yet the street glowing with dramatic colours; warming the foggy glass that I stand in front of, in the cold foggy street that is long and narrow, full of shops with vibrant colours to suit the Christmas spirit. I stand accompanied by the thick fog. I look around for escape roots; and there I see my ticket back home. I draw one final, calming breath, and then begin galloping as once again I am hunted by the police. The key twists and turns and finally the door is opened. I sigh in relief and walk towards a blackboard hanged upon the chimney. ...read more.


I waste my time sitting on top of a grassy hill that stood taller than all the other hills, high enough that it nearly touched the depths of the heavens. My most desired place to rest in but isn't within my reach. I looked out over the city of calimbo. A city that wasn't what people imagined it to be. No skyscrapers, no busied traffic, no flashy suits or crowded sidewalks. It was a small city that rested between two of the largest cities Birmingham and London. Like every other midnight, the long black drape awaited me, my knife wanting to feel the flesh of another human. Looking for my target and there we are starting all over again. Luring the target in with a friendly conversation, and then leaving him dead within a couple of seconds. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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