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"What a night," I thought, "Caro is too long of a drive." I saw that I was going about 50 mph so I took my foot off the gas. I look to my right as I pass Family Video. I am driving in the left lane. All of the sudden a red Dodge Durango speeds past me on the right. He's swerving all over his lane. The tail lights all of the sudden exclaim bright red as his truck almost comes to a complete stop. I approach his truck on the left going about 4 or 5 mph over the speed limit. The brake lights go off as I approach his bumper. Without warning, he swerves into my lane almost whipping his truck at me. I jam on my brakes as he cuts me off, his tail no more than 5 feet from my front bumper. I violently slammed on the brakes, as I feel my stomach sink right through the chair. The anti-lock brakes come roaring and sputtering violently, only adding to the mental and physical surprise freezing me up. ...read more.


All of the sudden I see him rolling down his window and putting on the brakes. I saw no turn signal so it occurred to me what he was trying to do. He was trying to get my attention. I saw he was a male in about his thirties. My satisfaction grew to a sinking feeling in my stomach. I slowed down too and he did also. I would not get window to window with this psycho. I soon realized he would stop if he had to. I hit the gas and so did he. We were going about 55 mph approaching Center quickly, window to window. The man was leaning out his window, screaming and swearing at me trying to get my attention. I wouldn't look, I couldn't look. I just tried to keep my composure. I was scared to death. He was going to follow me. An idea quickly crossed my mind. I could get into the left turn lane at the last minute and get onto Center and he wouldn't be able to get over in time to turn. ...read more.


I dialed the number and called. Ring, ring, ring....ring, ring, ring, no one picked up. "Oh, no, come on mom." How pathetic, I thought, calling my mom! I called again. No one picked up. The truck behind me slowed and turned off his brights. He got farther and farther away. I couldn't tell if he had stopped. I looked left. I had no idea where I was now. I soon found my road and I parked on the street in front of my house, locked all the doors and ran inside. My mom came downstairs and I explained to her what had happened. She was almost as scared as I was. I took her keys and she took mine and we moved the vehicles so my truck was in the garage so he wouldn't know where I lived. We came in and talked about what had happened for awhile. I had never been so scared in my life. My mom figured he got scared when he saw me with my phone, maybe though I was calling the cops and he just left. I also thought he may have been drunk. Road rage can definitely get you into a lot of trouble. I learned my lesson. Adam Webber 11/08/04 LA 2 2nd Hour ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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