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Creative Writing

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Creative Writing essay: The air terminal grew to seem like a waste lad; a desert of aridity, commercialism and antiseptic smiles. Our flight was delayed. The whole incident began a mere 5 hours ago, when I arrived with my parents at Heathrow the bustling International airport, which has become a symbol of Britain's aviation supremacy. The pleasant taxi ride to the airport gave me the chance to quill the fears of my first flight and to fill me with a sense of mysterious anticipation. The airport itself felt like a focal point for people from all walks of life, gathering in one place for one sole purpose of flight. The sheer number of people engulfed me with a sense of uncertainty and dread as I walked through the long meandering passageways of the building and into the waiting lounge. ...read more.


It took a long time for the same pre-flight calmness to return to the vessel as it effortlessly pulled out of the docking bay and majestically strolled towards the runway. The engines roared profusely, as the turbines powered up for flight waited for the moment of take off, the noise evoked reminiscences of a stampede. It was time. The engines gave out an all might bellow and we came hurtling down the runway. The wings were slowly lifting when the tyres burst with a bang. It send pieces of rubber flying towards my window. The throttle was cut. The wing flaps were lifted. The plane came to a grinding halt. Inside I was in a state of shock and disbelief; words can not express my feelings of vulnerability after the incident. I sat there staring out of the window, it was almost my way of shielding the truth of the incident from my heart. ...read more.


We were slowed down by the oncoming set of traffic from the aisles; hope was re-established when the air steward slide the door open. This was however short lived as systematically the air stewardesses jumped out of the plane. This left me with a feeling of abandonment, which manifested itself into uncontrollably anger at the air stewardesses who neglected their job to save themselves. It was a long after this that the passengers including my mother and myself got the chance to carefully slide down the rubber inflated slide and into the safe arms of the Heathrow airport firemen and the entourage of security BAA officials. I realised from this incident that life is beautiful, that it is the most precious thing of all and that we as humans must make the most of its interlocking pathways. This had lead me to live by the simple but powerful words 'if you do not dream you do not believe.' ...read more.

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