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English Coursework It was a mid summers day in August 1995. I had spent the day at our grandma's house. While I was at her house I ate dinner, watched TV and played with toy cars like young six year olds do. I remember helping my grandma slice the green beans we were having with our dinner, sitting with my granddad on his motorized scooter while we drove around the garden so fast, (5mph) and bouncing on a small trampoline with my brother. After I had eaten, I said my goodbyes and snatched at a bag of sweets that my grandma had fetched from a tub of Harribo Starmix I managed to prize myself away from their house and to the car where my mum was loading a bike into the boot. I loved going to visit my grandma and granddad and I still do. They had toys, games, sweets, you name a thing six year olds like, they had it. ...read more.


I got up and strided over to the chair. The man got a special seat that you sat on so you were higher and easier to reach, placed it on the chair and I jumped on merrily. "What can I do for you today?" he asked, "Four back and sides and a seven on top please," I replied He proceeded in cutting my hair, which took about 10 minutes because the razor he was using fused. Once he had finished I jumped off and sat back down next to my mum. My brother at this time was nearly done due to the problem with the razor. I waited for 2 minutes and my brother strode over to us, so my mum got up and paid the bill. My brother and I got a lollipop and walked to the car. We started the short journey home. Just as we had rounded the corner and drove down the main road, on the outskirts of Heaton Moor we had to stop suddenly. Unfortunately the Transit van behind us didn't have the traction on the road. ...read more.


The force of the impact sent our car abruptly forward and into the back of the Astra in front of us. As our boot caved in, the bike handlebars jolted forward abruptly and rocketed into my fore head. I saw them, the last thing I saw apart from total darkness. I remember waking up as if from a long sleep. Apparently I was only unconscious for a matter of seconds but I seemed like an eternity. The drivers of the vehicles involved got out and exchanged details. The transit driver tried to pin the blame of the incident on us saying things such as; "You shouldn't have stopped so abruptly," and "It's not my fault," Thankfully witnesses of the accident gave statements and the matter was solved through solicitors and court. Immediately after the accident my dad, after being rung by my mum arrived to take us to hospital. We waited in the waiting for only 5 minutes because I had sustained head injuries and had temporarily lost consciousness. All three of us were diagnosed with concussion, mine was slightly worse than my mums and brothers and I left hospital with a sore head and a circular bruise to prove it. ...read more.

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