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Creative Writing

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Metamorphosis In a remote pasture in Hong Kong lived a caterpillar. He was young, shy and foolish, often wagging his furry green tail and opening his big mouth for food. Behind the shield of his parents, he ate almost a hundred grams of leaves each day and soon grew rapidly into the shape of a bushy ball. He spent his days crawling among the branches of trees and playing along with his friends. Nothing troubled him, not even the pest killers, because his parents would always protect and alert him before danger struck. His parents were his guardians. One day, this caterpillar had a quarrel with his classmate, who accused him of being a "pampered" boy and told him he would never grow into a true butterfly. Outraged, he rushed off to his father and sought backup. Both of his parents comforted him, yet they both understood that the allegation was true and that their child had been relying on them too much. ...read more.


That night, the caterpillar was unable to sleep, thinking of his parents, of how they would bring over hot chocolate for him before bed; silently, he wept. After about a week at school, the worm no longer found the atmosphere appealing. Worse still, he loathed every single part of the school. He found the food disgusting, as the mess room as always serving insect eggs and larvae. He began to miss the fresh oak leaves in Hong Kong and all the beautiful flowers with their sweet scents. What made life more difficult was that chopsticks were not allowed to be used, only folks and knives were provided. The caterpillar also did not find the leisure sports fun, when everyone chased after a ball with sticks, which is known as 'hockey'. There were a great many injuries during the game, yet this sport was compulsory for all new-comers. His life was not easy at all in that his mother tongue language, Cantonese, was a completely different language to English; the caterpillar had a hard time learning simple words and basic tenses. ...read more.


Gradually, the caterpillar made more friends, got used to the school life and became tougher. During the second year of his school life, he ran through the pupa stage; and with enormous effort, eventually broke through the cocoon of fear and became a butterfly! Although he still had a lot to learn, for instance, flying and sensing predators, he had indeed grown up to be a more mature and tougher creature. He could now proudly say to everybody, "I am no longer a spoiled child." By the end of his education in high school, he returned to Hong Kong, and found both his parents smiling with satisfaction! All their neighbours congratulated him on his success. Back in his homeland, he felt like being in the meadows, surrounded by tasteful nectar. It was the best moment of his life. I believe that every foreign student, or even local student, has encountered the same experiences as our caterpillar. However, even in gloomy times, we should act stronger and tougher. In a way, teenagers metamorphose as well. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adrian Tam (G) ...read more.

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