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Creative Writing

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Creative Writing The rain is forever more, pelting against the window in sheets. My eyes penetrate the window pane, glaring out into the open. I notice two profiles outside, yet think nothing of it. I stare into my cup. I had bought a coffee; it had the demeanour of a liquid toxicant, and travelled down my thirsty throat in a gloopy manner. Yet I still drank it, my thirsty throat still accepted it and my mind still carried on drifting on and off, as did my eyes. I look out the window again, and this time the two silhouettes catch my eye. My mind goes into overdrive. Who are they? Why are they meeting? My mind goes on trying, trying to answer these questions; it won't stop willingly. My thoughts instantly commit prejudice, thinking these people are shady characters. Perhaps drugs are being exchanged, who am I to decide? Still looking outside, I see a car drive down. The front of the car rather resembles a face as it were, the headlights which are reflecting off the saturated ground being the eyes; the grill being the mouth. ...read more.


But I felt a pang inside me, and not because of hunger this time. I did plan on going home in that split second, but curiosity tells me to hang around; God knows why. But really, should I stay? As they say, curiosity killed the cat. I got up and left, stopping by at the tip box. I fished around my handbag and found three pound coins, they would compensate for my bad manners, I'm sure of it. It appeared to of worked, the same waitress looked very grateful. Opening the door, I clearly demonstrated how I didn't know my own strength at times; the door came into collision with a chair in a bashful and abrupt manner. As I'd made a fool of myself once again, I quickly closed the door behind me and walked off. It took me a few seconds for the crisp chill to hit me, and the rain for that matter. It wasn't pouring anymore, but still spitting with considerable speed. I had no umbrella, so I had to make do. ...read more.


Walking along, I turned down an alleyway which would cut my walking-home time by 3minutes or so. It was dark and secluded, not my idea of fun at all. To distract myself of the unwelcoming of the current situation I began to think of past memories; anything that stopped me thinking of that man Coming out of the passageway, I was greeted with an unexpected sight. With the odd star twinkling, their reflection could be clearly seen in the river's water. It was a big river that appeared to have a strong current, with the water gushing along downstream. The chilly evening had lined the river with ice, giving an eerie feeling. Then, I hear a rustle behind the bins. I felt a tad scared, but I thought it was only a stray dog or a fox. But it was that man in a leather jacket whose hair was of a similar texture. He sneered at the sight of my shocked face, and cackled in a way that could pierce the most insensitive eardrums. Then, the ice was splintering underneath my own frozen fingers, as the river was gushing along downstream. Laura Pearson ...read more.

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