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Creative Writing

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Creative Writing coursework I took a sharp turn down the alleyway to my left, beads of sweat pouring down my face. I could hear the sound of footsteps gaining on me. The night's air was cold and bitter, and the streets were empty and deserted. Suddenly, I tripped on a curb and crunched my knee on the harsh, stone ground. The bone shattered as I screamed in agony. I tried to keep going, images of my fate if I was captured shot through my mind. But every step I took was agony and I knew I had lost this chase. The last I remember is a boot coming down towards my face, and then everything went black. ...read more.


In fact it didn't quite set in until a strange man entered the room. His apron was covered in blood and his face was covered with a crisp, white mask. He was very tall and well built, and seemed very professional. He walked slowly and silently, I could hear the echoes of every footstep he took. He slowly circled me, patronising me and prolonging my torturous fate. I asked him where I was, what I had done wrong, but he didn't appreciate my questions for he lashed out, striking me round the face. His rational was what scared me. I began to panic when he edged towards the table, eyeing up the weapons, wondering which would inflict the most pain on me. ...read more.


'Brother, what have i done to deserve this' I cried. 'Do not call me brother, traitor, you know what you have done'. But I didn't, I didn't know what i had done. I tried telling him this but he wouldn't listen. 'You have compromised the brotherhood and have broken a vital creed; never take the life of an innocent one' he kept saying. 'This letter B will remind all those who see your body that you are a Betrayer'. I knew as well as any brother the punishment for betrayal; death, Al-Taer then slashed down at my throat with the blade, he knew what he was doing and i was dead instantly. I guess i will never know why i got killed, how i betrayed the brotherhood. When you die, maybe you could tell me in heaven, if I make it there that is. ?? ?? ?? ?? Oliver Pringle ...read more.

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