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Creative Writing

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Once long ago there stood a possessed temple.. This temple in the past kept inside very evil creatures The most evil was the red eyed demon. One day a terrible thing happened a beam of red light shot up through and the demon rose from the dead and took it's hiding place under a tree. The next day every one was shocked to find the temple destroyed and the demon gone.! Suddenly everyone ran back to their houses and didn't come out. Then one night a gang of teenagers went out for a walk but they were not aware that the beast was stalking them. One by one the group vanished except for one.. The next morning the old oak tree was covered in blood and one of the gang was cowering behind. He finally came out and described the horrible thing " it was terrifying there I was minding my own business when it came out from behind the bush It had red eyes the size of snowballs, large claws, big seeded wings and giant fangs. ...read more.


He had an overwhelming desire to hunt down demons and other unpleasant creatures. He walked for two weeks and finally he arrived at the root of the tree where the presence of evil was near and he could see a cave.. It was getting dark and he started to take shelter in the ruins of the ancient temple as the wind was picking up and it started to rain. As he started to sleep he thought about what the demon looked like and what weapons he might have.. The next day he looked around for clues for where he could kill the mighty demon. When he was searching around he found a pot of honey and a spear. He decided that the honey was the key source to kill his pray. He waited patiently conserving his energy. As the light began to fade the demon awoke and he was very hungry, he smelt something close.. ...read more.


The ancient temple was rebuilt and dedicated to the demon hunter. This stature stood for many years until the ferocious monster had come back as a ghost. Luckily in the village there lived a very mysterious ghost buster. He looked like a Japanese sword master with platted hair and a fuzzy beard., he also had white eyes and called himself Yoshi. His sword was a shadow sabre which could power up and could slice through the strongest steel. One frosty night the ghost of the demon was stalking, then all of a sudden the ghost buster smelt his pray, he knew he was close. He went to the temple and found the demon searching around for a weapon he called out "demon your mine lets fight" the demon looked around and disappeared "where are you!" shouted Yoshi "right behind you" said the demon WHACK, SMACK and SMASH the y both flew over the other side of the world and were never seen again until today...................... ...read more.

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