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Creative Writing

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ENGLISH - CREATIVE WRITING TITLE LUKASZ KMIECIK S2E I sat in the hall, with hundreds of other people around me, each of us in the separate desk. If you asked me if I know them, I would say yes, but stop after a while, and notice that they did not look familiar at all. They were sitting there, nervously biting their lips, swearing quietly, and looking desperately at the big white clock in the front of the hall. I was following the teacher with my eyes and observing him giving out the exam papers to the students. It is interesting to see how the smile was going off their faces, swiftly substituted with the mix of anxiety and misery, just because of few pieces of paper. I also felt quite nervous, but happy as well - it It is my final exam, when I get this grade that is it! ...read more.


I grabbed my pen and looked at the first task - I was not sure about how to answer it, so I just skipped it, as I always did the questions which I was sure about first, so I did not waste time on thinking several minutes on one question. But as I flicked through the pages I found myself getting more and more desperate. I could not find even one question which I was sure about the answer. Every page that I flicked felt like a humiliating slap on my face. I began to panick, looking for the exit and realising that the only way I can leave this room is by giving up on the paper and returing it to the teacher. Giving up on all of my dreams. Even if I managed to repeat it, there will be thousands of other applicants who scored maximum points in the first draft. ...read more.


Why everything is falling apart now?! It was so absurdly illogical. I imagined reaction of my parents, telling me that I did not study hard enough. The fact that I knew that it was true was probably the worst thing in my situation. I asked myself constantly, why it is happening? I sowre quietly, placed my hands flat on the desk and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath. That was it. My hands were shaking, and I could not possibly even attempt to do the exam. It would not make any sense anyway - there is nothing more humiliating than hopelsess attempts to do well. I did not want to leave the hall before the time was up - it would be like admitting my total failure. I placed my hand on the paper and moved it across to the edge of the desk. I straightened myself up. Then I looked at this big, white clock directly in front of me. With every little movement of its hand my dreams shattered into smaller and smaller pieces. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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