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Creative writing

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Swotting for my exams, feeling sorry for myself Mum insists I take our hyperactive pup for a walk along the beach. I resist but mum is on a mission. Off we go, me lead footed when I let her off her lead. On she goes she wont stop! My tearaway dog she bounds into the distance chasing another dog. She runs across the infinite beach of charcoal sand glistening in the late autumn light. As I chase the mad mutt my legs begin to throb as if millions of shards of glass are being exploding into them the pain, the pressure, transports me on throbbing limbs to my first Weet-Bix Triathlon. ...read more.


The paths edge is lined with people cheering and yelling the runners on. I long for the relief and satisfaction of the finish line like somebody with a full bladder desperate for the toilet. The excruciating pain in my chest is almost to enough to stop me but I plod on. I convince my self I'm not far from the end 'four minutes' now. On I go. Somebody called out 'Keep going Robert' which gave me a boost of encouragement to persist to the end. My undone laces are flicking and whipping my legs but I dare not stop and tie them as I might loose my determination and will power to finish. ...read more.


Powering toward the line I passed a few struggling runners. Relief at last as I finally reached the end. I was greeted by a tall lanky blonde haired women handing out medals, she congratulated me on my success and handed me a medal. The medal is sliver and when it's tilted to the light it shines. Its on an electric blue ribbon. I felt so proud that I had finally conquered my goal my pain and sheer determination has been worth it. This was one of my most proudest moments in my life I will remember forever. Finally the mutt has stopped, my mood has lifted and on I go back to my swot. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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