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Creative Writing

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December, 2039 I grasped my legs closer to my body, with my head between my knees I thought I could force these surroundings out the back of my mind. The same repetitive noises were still there, still keeping me earthbound yet still keeping me from sanity. The shouts of angry inmates, the hoarse whispers of officers and the drip, drip, drip of my faulty cold tap. I reluctantly looked upon the cell. The excessive lack of colours drained the minimal amount of hope that was left stranded within me. I let my breath escape, seeing it dissolve into the cold December air. I glanced through the bars as a heavy footed male checked on my lifeless cell, I followed a stray beam of light as it hit the metal clinging to his neck - the two curved plates swung in rhythm with his footsteps. It triggered a memory, a memory I had told myself to bury so deep, a memory that was too hard to forget... I pulled my hat further over my eyes; the cheap, scratchy fabric irritated my forehead. I took a drag from the cigarette and breathed it deep, hoping the warmth would fill my body. ...read more.


the intentional white shade had been stained with years of weakened tea and today's batch was teamed with a generous amount of stale milk. I was at ease watching the flakes of sour milk break up on the surface, but not wanting to dismay the wardens - I drank it all. The repetitive routine of prison life began to feel overwhelming. I felt sudden bursts of anger which I remarkably managed to contain. I wrung my hands in anxiety as the wardens passed, 'I am fine, I don't need to visit the special ward, I don't need attention. I am fine, just fine' I mumbled to myself constantly. Sometimes all I could do was sit solemnly, the grave thoughts had taken over, the peculiar fine details of his face flashed in front of me, thinking he was millimetres from my face made me scream out in pain. I had to wash it off, wash his scent from my neck, the smoke from my hair. I was in hysteria. I was in an emotional paralysis. I began to feel the ideas swimming happily around my head, and unusual smile had been carved onto my face, yet a buried fear had reached my eyes. ...read more.


I could see my street from here, I wasn't scared. My heart thumped as I thought I heard plodding footsteps coming up behind me. I plucked up the courage to turn around, thank god, nothing there. I carried on walking, this time quickening my pace, about 400 yards left. I heard the same plodding sound but this time thought nothing of it. I frowned as it got louder, again I turned around but suddenly a pair of rough, calloused hand pressed against my eyes. I screamed. "Hey! Calm down Jess, it's only me!" I sighed in relief as he took his hands from my eyes. It was Jay, the host of the party. "God, you scared me!" He laughed. "I didn't expect you to leave so early, I was planning on talking to you" "What? Really? Me?" I tried to regain my dignity, "Oh right, well sorry I had to get home, got a few parties lined up, you see" Again, he laughed. "You're cute, and yeah I really like you, you know" Right there and then, I could have collapsed, I felt so warm, and not because of the breeze. Stood under the street lamp, his necklace caught my eye. The orange light reflected back at me. I stepped in closer, and felt the etchings on the dog tags, "Rivers. I don't think I ever knew your last name, Jay" ...read more.

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