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Creative Writing

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Autobiography The night was dark and black, the full moon was out but even its light was swallowed by the darkness and the stars fainted away. It was dead silent and the air was damp and smelled of the dead leaves and cold earth. I guess all forests smelt like this. The trees towered over everything, blocking the sky making me feel isolated from the world almost like I was locked away. You would expect there to be animals rustling about but there weren't. The place felt as if nature itself had left this place to die and yet it still stands threatening anyone that enters. ...read more.


The solution to all those meaningless dreams I have had and for long I have questioned myself what were they about and for some reason I urged for an answer but yet why did I come here of all places. The only thing I could gain here was not something I would want which is death. The twigs and leaves crunched and snapped louder as I walked faster through the forest dragging my legs with me. I was so tired walking for so long but for some reason I had to get out of here. I could feel the presence of evil and darkness in the air. ...read more.


I was scared. My breathing got faster and heavier with every step I took it felt as if someone kept on adding more weight onto me. I felt like giving up but had to go on. Trying to take in the air but it barely filled my lungs. All I felt was the cold going in. I wished for nothing like that to happen. I had to stop thinking like that for what I think about might come true however there were old tales about such monsters that the afterlife itself could not control and that they lurk within this forest bringing something even worse than death among people. They say thinking of such stuff like that within the forest shows the fear within you which is what they like to feed on. ?? ?? ?? ?? Haseeb Ali ...read more.

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