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Creative writing Sinister Street

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Creative writing - Sinister Street The alley elongates in my swirling head, while the time passes with imaginary tick-tock's. Silence except the buzzing phone in my pocket and cartons and cans peacefully rattling along the dirty, dry ground. Although the noise was peaceful, it was constant, not good for thinking. Dark, alone and petrified, even the sound of my own footsteps makes my skin crawl and my body shakes. The smell of burning and peoples plants in their well kept gardens mix enough to make anyone sick. Sirens from the city fill the alley drilling the terrible sound into my head giving me a unimaginable headache. Twenty-three missed calls, unknown caller, but I know who it is. The time 2a.m. I stop and sit, in a cold sweat. I press dial on my phone again, so silent that without the phone to my ear I can hear the dialling. My mind knows that the well lonely roads are empty, but I search again. Give up, I know in my mind I can't do that. ...read more.


Looking around, its very difficult to see in the pitch black dark night, but I can make out a figure, not a human, a small cat, kitten maybe. Definitely an animal, small, long tail, and dark, walking around. Phone still buzzing in my pocket but I ignore it. The feeling of fading and falling as I drift away into a deep peaceful sleep. Sprinting down the road to find the alleyway, getting faster by the second not caring how tired, dehydrated and out of breath I am I run, further and further. Everything I see is a blur of light and dark, bright neon signs. It stops, a opening of just black, cant see down it but it's obviously the alley, I grind to a halt. There the alley lies, small, spooky, suspicious. Gradually I gain the courage to walk, I need to do this, he really hurt me and my family. The thought builds my strength and I walk faster, and faster until I'm almost running. My head tremors with fear, I don't want to do this, but drill into my brain that I need to. ...read more.


Drifting in and out of consciousness constantly, like a tennis ball being hit from one side of the court to another. Then I'm gone, everything goes black, I cant see, feel, smell, taste, hear or think. He's won, game over. I pull out the large pipe of copper or even lead, I'm not sure which to be honest, I don't mind either does the job. I hit him seven times round the head and once in the stomach. It was so quick I barely even remember, my mind was all over the place. Tears even fell from my eyes, happiness and shock, I had actually done it. I killed him. He didn't scream or shout for help, even if he did it would have been useless nobody's around and nobody would have heard him. He deserved it. His body wouldn't be found for days, people don't often use the alleys, they'll be gone soon to build newer houses. I feel sorry for whoever does find him, they wouldn't know what I do, how much he hurt us. I walk away not turning back, not feeling guilty to what I had done but happy. Things will be fine now. ?? ?? ?? ?? Original writing Rebecca Fox ...read more.

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