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Creative writing - A Christmas to remember.

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Original writing Melissa Osman A Christmas To Remember For the first time in her life, Catherine Benson faced the prospect of spending Christmas alone. With a mixture of fond thoughts of the past and the sadness, she recalled the Christmas's of her childhood happy times full of love, laughter and family togetherness. However, this year, her parents were spending Christmas with her brother, who was happily married and with a family of his own. He lived In Wales. Of course, ever since college there had been Anthony. But even thinking the name now bought pain of sadness and loneliness. Anthony and Catherine had been inseparable. They has so many plans for the future. They'd shared dreams and so she thought, they shared lives. But that had all crumbled to dust in the last few months. The love she thought would last forever had failed to stand the first major test of their relationship. Sighing, she draped the last piece of tinsel over the branches of her small tree and stepped back to cast a critical eye upon it. It barely seemed worth the effort just for herself. Some how the tree and the fireplace, served only to make her situation seem little more worthwhile. If only she could get Anthony McBride out of her mind as effectively as he had removed himself from her life. ...read more.


Following Dominic into the kitchen, he leaned on the counter and watched as his friend poured the drinks. "Louise has bought a friend from the bank I think you should meet." Dominic said cautiously. Anthony's heart sank. "I don't want to meet anyone, not like that anyway." "She's lovely Anthony, she's been hurt badly herself, so she knows how difficult it is to take the plunge and meet new people. Give her a chance; she's funny and intelligent. You'll like her." Strongly wishing he hadn't come, but unable to walk away, Anthony followed his friend through to the other room. The sound of the lively conversation daunted on him for a moment, and he hesitated on the threshold. As soon as he entered the room, a tingle of awareness caught him by surprise. He scanned the room, and then he saw her. Catherine. His breath caught in his throat. Suddenly, it was as if the last painful, lonely weeks had been stripped away. She was here, in the same room, looking as lovely as ever, but unapproachable and out of his reach. Before he could retreat, Catherine turned and saw him. Shock registered on her face. His mouth tightened, just as she had been shutting him out in the last few weeks they'd been together. ...read more.


She gasped. "I thought you had gone." She said. Relieved with the fact the he had waited for her. "Can I walk you home?" Anthony asked. "Thank you I'd like that." They walked side by side. Catherine felt nervous, uncertain what to say, but scared if she said nothing at all. Just being near her made him feel better. He didn't want this chance to slip, but could he find the right words to say? They began to walk slower and slower and gradually they came to a halt, where they turned to each other. "I'm sorry." They said in harmony along with a nervous smile. Anthony reached out a tentative hand to take one of hers. "I've missed you, Catherine." He whispered. "I've been so miserable without you." She replied. Very slowly they drew together and hugged. "We haven't been very clever." They agreed with each other. "Will you take me back, give me a second chance?" Anthony questioned. "Only if you will. Look it's snowing." Across the road the church bell struck midnight. Christmas day. "Shall we go in?" Anthony asked. "Yes please, we have so much to give thanks for." She agreed. Behind them another couple strolled slowly towards the church. "They'll be alright now." Louise pronounced with satisfaction. "Shall we tell them we knew all along?" Dominic asked. "Maybe one day, but not just yet." Squeezing her hand as they walked up the steps, Dominic knew he was equally lucky in the love that he had. "Happy Christmas, Louise......" 1 ...read more.

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