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Creative writing - A cold night in Swansea.

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A cold night in Swansea It was a cold wet evening in Swansea. There was a dull light coming from the moon, which was only added to by the dim glow of streetlights, which were placed either side of the tall detached houses. Cars were parked on the side of the road with uniform spaces in-between. It was quiet, strangely quiet, like an empty church. There was no traffic going along the road and there wasn't a sound to be heard except the footsteps of a young lady. Rose was in her early twenties, slim, and just under six foot tall. She had a light complexion and long, straight, fair hair. Her eyes were as blue as a clear summer sky and she seemed to light up the room when she arrived. ...read more.


"I'm very sorry but I haven't even got any money," said Rose. She was lying she knew and she thought that he could probably tell. But she didn't want to wait around on a night like this. Rose turned the corner into her street and saw a house with some of the lights on and the front door wide open letting in a chilly draught. She stopped to have a quick look, but decided to pay it no attention and walked on. Then something made her turn around and take notice. The house seemed quiet enough, but there was something strange, something sinister, peculiar and eerie about the silence. Rose thought she could see that the door had been forced open as it seemed to be almost falling off its hinges. ...read more.


Both were completely ransacked. But whoever had robbed it, had left lots of valuables behind. There was a wireless, what looked like an antique clock and also a china vase, all still in the living room. Both male and female clothes were strewn across the stairs. It seemed as though whoever had burgled the place had known exactly what they wanted. Or on the other hand maybe this had not been a burglary at all. There was a phone on the floor with its receiver lying about a meter away. Rose could hear a man's voice talking on the other end of the line. She cautiously put a foot through the doorway and started to walk towards the phone. She picked up the receiver but the line suddenly went dead before Rose had a chance to speak. Bang! The door slammed shut behind her. ...read more.

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