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Creative writing - A New Life.

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A New Life "So then Tom," his mother wept, "don't worry. I'll see you again." Tom was shocked, he'd never seen his mother cry before. Even when Dad left to help in the army, she had been very strong. "But-but Mum," he bit his lip, holding back his tears, "I don't want to go." "I know, don't worry," then she started to cry more heavily while singing "We'll meet again" to him, his favourite song. Suddenly, a whistle rang loudly through his head, so Tom reluctantly stepped on to the train, his name tag round his neck and watched while his mother grew further and further away until she was no longer visible through his tears. Tom calmed himself down and tried as hard as he could to find the positive points to this situation. Well, at least he was safe from being blown to smithereens. That was all he could think of. He wasn't even going to start with the negative points. "Hello there, "a small boy who looked about eight had just come into the compartment, "I can't wait, this will be great. Such a brilliant holiday, Dad said it will be fun. I don't know why he hasn't come with me, though." Tom hadn't the heart to tell him that he'd probably never see his father again. "My name's William, what's yours?" The little boy said. "Tom, nice to meet you William," he felt terrible, "so, do you know where we're going?" ...read more.


A breakfast of egg and bacon was laid out in front of him. "Good morning Tom," greeted Mrs Grundle, "here's your breakfast." She placed another plate of bacon and egg before him. "Thank you ma'am," said Tom politely. "Oh nonsense!" giggled Mrs Grundle, "please call me Joan!" Tom put a bit of bacon in his mouth and chewed. It was absolutely delicious. It was bursting with flavour and fit for a king. He savoured every mouthful. Then he turned his attention to the egg. He cut it like a surgeon, hoping it would be as good as the bacon. It most definitely did. The yolk melted in his mouth, it was delicious. As quickly as the pleasure had started, it stopped and Tom was sad to see an empty plate. "Right lad," boomed Mr Grundle, " let's see if you can deal with a good day's work, eh. You'll be begging to stop before the first hour's up no doubt." "I'll try my best sir, really I will," Tom still couldn't understand why Mr Grundle didn't like him. They walked outside and opened the door to a large shed. Tom was amazed at how many tools and potentially dangerous things there were in there. He was passed a sythe then taken into the field and shown briefly how to use it properly. "Now," said Mr Grundle, "seeing as it's harvest time, I don't want you mucking this up. I want you cut this wheat from the bottom along these two rows, tie it up into bundles with that string next to the tractor then load it onto the wagon. ...read more.


Tom stayed silent. "Well boy?. Answer me!" Mr Grundle spat. "I was fixing your tractor sir," Tom turned white as he watched Mr Grundle's face burst into a nasty laugh. "Oh, is that right? Well, let's have a look at your handy work then shall we? "Mr Grundle dragged Tom outside into the cold night. He was placed on top of a haystack next to the tractor. Tom watched Mr Grundle get in the drivers seat and turn the key. Mr Grundle's face fell when he heard a loud roar and his tractor started. He was absolutely gobsmacked. He got down off the tractor and let his hand fall on Tom's shoulder. "You're a genius lad," Mr Grundle's face broke into a smile, "oh lad. Thank you so, so much. Come on, let's get inside and back to bed." The next day, Tom woke up, got change and bounced down the stairs with a large spring in his step. "Tom," Mrs Grundle said carefully, "now, because of your parents, er, well, we've been asked to take care of you, would that be okay with you? We would be happy to take you in." "Of course Joan," Tom was actually pleased to be asked to stay. "You realise that you will have to stay for a long time, don't you?" asked Mr Grundle, "as I get older, I'll need more help on the farm, is that clear, Tom?" "That would be great," Tom knew he would be fine, Mr Grundle had just called him by his real name. Andrew Cox 1A ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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