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Creative writing - A right to life

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A Right to Life In my mere existence I have made many decisions. Most of them are frivolous, like the daily decisions to have coffee or tea, to have a bourbon or a rich tea and even whether to drink Coke or Pepsi. However every few years in my life, I have a decision to make, a decision which can alter my life and the lives of others, these decisions take time and deliberation. One such decision is when I had to decide whether or not to let a man live a life of pain and suffering, or not to live a life at all. ...read more.


He could not bear for me to see him in this way. But at night I heard him, the sounds I heard would haunt me forever. In about a month my father begged for death, he asked many times, it was my turn to have a brave face. I always told him it would get better, He knew I was lying, but I thought he took comfort from my reassurances. However a week before his "expiry date" he begged with the tone of a desperate man, he was no longer reassured by my pleas to tell him to live. ...read more.


I am eternally grateful my child." I cried both joyous and miserable, as I leant down I got the needles and stabbed them into any exposed skin I saw. He was dead within 10 minutes. It was painless, and he was smiling all the way. I woke up, the next day after my father's death. I was miserable but I turned the T.V on, keeping to my daily rituals. There was a breaking news story "Cure for bone cancer found. Treatment shall start immediately." As I saw it, a tear came to my eye, I wiped it away as I realised that I should treasure the right to life my father had given me, and hope that my children would in turn give me the right to death I gave to my father. ...read more.

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